Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hands - A Video Update on Abigail

I have been getting lots of updates through videos my mom has taken on her iPhone.  I have seen glimpses into how Abigail is doing, her little personality, and tender moments exchanged: mother to daughter, father to daughter.  I have tried previously to upload them to my blog, but unsuccessfully.  This morning I thought I would try to combine them and create a small, rough video of Abigail's short, powerful course so far.

This morning Jesse texted me that Abigail was doing well.  She had slept pretty much through the night.   They are slowly weening her off of oxygen still and the tubes and cords are slowly coming out.  They are highly anxious to hold their sweet baby girl.  Jesse remarked on how she seemed a little more alert yesterday than today, but how she was still doing ok.  

The song on this video has special significance to me.  I was introduced to it by a dear friend when my Daddy was in the hospital.  It is called, "Your Hands" sung by JJ Heller.  I love the imagery of the words:
When my world is shaking, heaven stands   
When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands  
Your hands that shape the world  
Are holding me   
They hold me still. 
There is repeated imagery of hands in this little video.  Hands holding.  Hands helping.  Hands loving.  Folded hands.  Anxious hands.  Strong daddy hands.  Gentle mommy hands.  Supportive grandmother hands.  Life-saving doctor hands.  Precious baby hands.  I hope you can feel the strength of this testimony that His hands never leave us.

***UPDATE*** 9:50 pm.  We have passed the 48 hour mark for baby Abigail!!!  My mother said that although the day started off tough for Abigail with her demonstrating less alertness than yesterday, that by the end of today the nurse made a remark that Abigail was doing better than most babies who have had similar surgeries.  They have started her on a feeding tube which is a great step!  Thank you all again for your continued love and support.

***UPDATE*** Sunday Jul 10th, 9:30 pm.  Mom texted me this evening that Abigail was wide awake and alert.  She said that they are gradually decreasing the amount and flow of oxygen she is on until she is stabilized on her own.  My mother was intending on coming home tomorrow until she found out that they will be able to hold Abigail tomorrow!!!!  She will be staying another day.  I can't even imagine not being able to hold your newborn baby for days, especially after such a traumatic event in which such an embrace would provide such comfort.  What a beautiful day it will be tomorrow for Jani and Jesse!


  1. Such a big deal for any family, especially one that is so new. Its so crazy that I was taking their wedding pictures less than a year ago.. who knew all that would be asked of this couple in just a few short months.

    The video of her going off in the life flight is so tender. How hard that must have been. I am so glad they all seem to be doing so well. We will continue to pray! Love you all!

  2. What a beautiful family and a touching video Briana!

  3. Thank you ladies for leaving comments. I appreciate your support for our family! I too struggled to imagine what it must have been like as my brother to watch his new baby be taken away. He is a strong man, my brother! Love ya Jes.

  4. That is a beautiful video...made me is perfect. They are sweet....I hope that all will be be well. I love them already

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how putting a series of simple amature videos together combined with beautiful music creates a lifelong touching memory! Congrats to Briana! And also to a Grandmother who had the forethought to mark these very precious, scary moments in time!
    Love to all,

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  7. Thank for posting all these fabulous updates, Briana!

    I was just telling Jani's brother (Ryan - my husband) that it's nice that you are updating because we get updates from Kathy {which are so so great!} and your mom's updates are so much different! It's like getting a whole view of the situation.

    I love the video. You can tell Jani and Jesse are over the moon with Abigail!

    Little Abigail has quite a fabulous collection of aunts and uncles who love her and are willing to do anything for her. She's such a strong little fighter! What a blessed little soul!

  8. Thank you so much for doing this beautiful post and keeping so many of us that are far away informed--your efforts are much appreciated! friends in PA.



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