Tuesday, July 21, 2009

June 2009: Blueberry Picking

A few months ago I joined a local Mom's Group called "Mom's the Word", cute huh?!, which just happens to be run by a friend of mine at church, Amanda - one busy lady. It is great for me to have others plan fun activities for my kids and I to do and then go along for the ride:-) This time it was blueberry picking at a farm in Temecula. I had no idea there was a Blueberry Farm there. We eat SOOO many blueberries in our house.

We met there and Farmer Mike gave us a tour and told us all these amazing things about blueberries. Did you know that they "fertilize" blueberry plants with fish oil? Strange huh? After the tour, we each got a cute little bucket do our own picking with. The boys loved it and I had to keep them from eatting them before we could pay. Its only $5 a pint, which is about the same as the grocery store, but these ones are sooo much better. Tate escaped through the row of bushes and Farmer Mike caught him as a frantic Mom was about ready to have a major meltdown. I was just envisioning Tate lost amongst in the Temecula countryside. I would love to go back another time.


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