Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 2009: Christmas Morning At Grandma's

I love that my family lives so close that we can all be together on Christmas Morning as well. I love seeing the kids in their p.js. as well as the adults, even the men look forward to their new Christmas p.j.s. Most of mine are huge since this is my 4th Christmas being pregnant. I have to say that this year's p.j.s are super soft and happen to be the first animal print item in my closet.
I definitely look like I was up til 3:00am:-) Our cute little family.
The exchanging of gifts is so fun to watch.
Some of the faves this year:
Jesse's Laker's Snuggie from Liz, Tate's Mickey book from Grandma, Owen & Eyan's rolling backpacks from Savvy and Jack, Owen's Erector Set picked out by a very excited Grandpa, and of course Owen's favorite-books from Grandma. He was so disappointed earlier even after getting a digital camera, that we didn't get him any books this year. This kid has sooo many books, but he just plows through them.
This year I had fun making gifts for the cousins again: a tool belt for Davis and a jedi robe for Jackson:-)


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