Friday, November 08, 2013

hipster baby boy's first birthday: the paper crepe challenge

this past week as been filled with lots of projects
and you know i love a good project
well i was elated to be hired by an up and coming party supply company called The Paper Crepe
in collaboration with my dear friend Amy from Commona-My House
{another newly planted Utah resident}
to create displays for their party tour hitting the cities of Sacramento, Dallas, and Chicago

the challenge: 
to design themed displays using only a box of provided paper products, ribbon, twine, and washi tape that could be shipped, used, assembled, disassembled, packed over and over again!
not as easy as you may think
we were able to add a few elements to give it some height, stability, and structure
but not a whole lot

was i up for the task
of course

i snagged the idea of hipster baby boy's first birthday party
incorporating some of the trending shapes and graphics
triangles, chevron, feathers, teepees, tassels, and woodland elements

it was fun to see sheets of paper and rolls of ribbon and twine
quickly transform into the bones of a birthday party any baby boy would love and mama too
yes, did i mention that we had four days to complete the entire task

the elements of this hipster baby party display include:
name initial for little brave baby 'A'
feathered head band
teepee table display
cake bunting
straw holding canoe
goodie bag
triangle bunting
crepe paper criss cross wall display

be sure to look for little tutorials for some of these items coming soon...
as well as my Merry & Bright Christmas 
**{check out the hipster baby birthday cake bunting tutorial here}**

if you live in or near Sacramento, Dallas, or Chicago, be sure to check out The Paper Crepe Party Tour for dates


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