Friday, January 18, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Day

Christmas Morning always has a new life with young children. I love feeling their anticipation and watching their excitement. Although at my Mom and Dad's, we still had our own little Christmas Morning, then was joined by my brother Luke's family. Later the rest of my family shared in the present opening.

I loved being all together on Christmas -- and in our Christmas pjs. I think we look pretty cute!

The boys received some great presents and really loved getting their packages in the mail from their Grammy and Grandpa and cousins in Utah. Grammy Johnson had all the cousins sign a card for them and had t-shirts made that say "Somebody in Utah Loves Me".

Owen loves things he can build with- legos, blocks, tinkertoys - and Eyan loves puzzles, cars, his scooter, and anything else Owen likes. Tate just loves anything he can climb on, put in his mouth, or that makes noise-particularly squeaks. Of course empty boxes and wrapping paper are always a hit!


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