Saturday, January 05, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Eve Morning

Yes, these are the photos of our Christmas Eve Morning. Owen and I were up all night with a toothache, on rotation with Tate and I being awake. Owen was kicked in the mouth at school and had been complaining off and on about his tooth which was turning grey, but nothing too dramatic. That night he cried and cried. Thankfully our doctor, a Hindu, was in her office on Christmas Eve Morning and we were able to get in, along with every other -flu suffering, bone snapped, can't wait til after Christmas- kid. Owen had a tooth infection. We hurried home after getting the prescription to try to make it to my Uncle Mark's house by noon for our Dix Family Christmas party.

As we were racing to get ready, Eyan escaped and began screaming at the top of the stairs. I ran and looked up to see his hands appear like plastic. At first I thought he had poured hot candle wax on them, but then realized he had found Super Glue in my Mom's room and had completely covered his hands in them and glued his sweater to one hand and on his pants. My Mom was out doing last minute shopping and had to stop and get acetone based nail polish remover as the tube explained was the only way to get it off skin - note to all parents!

I did my share of crying, wondering if anything could just run smoothly, but writing this I wonder how boring that might be (not to say it wouldn't be nice:-) ). We did eventually make it to my Uncle Mark's house, where everyone already knew our morning stories.

So here are the most attractive photos you will ever see posted of my older boys: Owen's infected grey tooth and Eyan's Super Glued-soaking-in-acetone-based-nail-polish-remover hands.

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  1. Ok, that is hilarious! It is like something out of a movie or sitcom. But (and I hope this isn't mean) I am glad I'm on the other side of the TV watching the scene unfold.
    Love, Love, LOVE the new company!



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