Sunday, October 04, 2009

September 2009: Announcement!!!

So it is definitely time for me to do a little bit of catching up. Hopefully this will explain my significant absense from blogging as well as an explanation for all of you who so generously participated in my "Girls Got No Skills" contest. For those of you who read my Spotlight and Spoiler, I promised that I would give the complete story, and I finally will.
To quote a bit from my Spotlight:
"The past 6 months has been a difficult time for our family. In summary, beginning in April my husband was no longer able to swallow food. For months he went to drs without answers as I watched him shrink and almost starve to death. Before this all began we had decided that it was time to try for another baby. I ended up miscarrying. On the same day Mike finally got his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, we found out we were pregnant again. As you can imagine finding out that the person you love the most has a crippling disease that could take away all of his functions is beyond heart-wrenching. I was actual grateful that I had discovered I was pregnant that same day despite the wonder if this baby would know the amazing man and father as I know him. Knowing I had a child developing inside of me forced me to gain control of my convulsive crying.
Since then my extremely optimistic husband, my supportive family, encouraging friends, and my loving God have helped me to work through fear and despair. The realization of having this disease has only brought out the best in my husband, he is truly the most inspiring person I have ever known. This helps me to want to be that for him. I am not sure what our future holds but I know God’s hand is in it and I pray it brings out my true character as I move forward as a wife, mother, and friend."

Yes, I am pregnant, and what a blessing it is!!! Because of just recently having a miscarriage and because of pain I experienced early on in this pregnancy that I feared to be a tubal pregnancy, I have been very cautious about telling anyone. I am now 17 weeks!!! Of course I'm due in March, its THE month to be born in:-) It has been a relief to be able to go to my Dr.'s appointments and hear the baby's heartbeat and see its little Johnson body doing near back flips on the "Dr.'s TV" as Owen calls it. I have also been able to feel the baby move within the last few weeks and what an amazing sensation it is.

To add to my reassurance that everything is going great with the pregnancy- this is what my Dr. tells me:-) - I am having horrible morning sickness. I never experienced this with my past 3 pregnancies. I rarely felt sick and I had never thrown up (of course I had other fun & exciting problems which some of you are aware) but no morning sickness. Of course I'm not sure why they call it "morning" sickness because it can be an all day thing. I have been soooo sensitive to smells & tastes, its really annoying to someone who loves food. Gratefully generous family and friends have been bringing us meals and meals. Also Mike is discovering what he can eat, which is mainly vegetarian dishes, and has been cooking a little bit more.

Because this pregnancy is so different from my previous 3, Mike is convinced that I am having a girl. I am not convinced but have suddenly this week become anxious to know. My ultrasound is scheduled for Oct. 29th so I've got 3 more weeks of waiting. I love my boys and another one would be so much fun. Adding a girl to the mix would bring some needed femininity and of course some fun clothes shopping:-) I do have to say that my greatest reason for wanting a girl would be to have someone by my side in tending to Mike's needs if it comes to that. I know the boys would be there, but its different with girls I think.

So there you go, I'm going to put a poll up to see who votes for a boy and who dares to vote for a girl? (You know that its only a 20% chance that after having two children of the same gender in a row that you will have one of the opposite.) Your results of my poll will be in on the 28th!


  1. Congrats -- and condolences. My pregnancies have gotten progressively harder. Not fun! But I'm glad you're getting some perks, too. I dared to vote for a girl because I got one after my three boys. (And it's a ton of fun.)

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I hope this one is as healthy and wonderful as your other three.

  3. Congratulations Briana! What a crazy few weeks and months you've had. The news that a new little baby is on the way is such a blessing...yay!! As much as adore adore little boys (I'm convinced I'll have a houseful of 'em) I'm going to vote for a girl.

  4. Congrats Briana - I'm sorry to find out about the miscarraige on the blog, I really need to keep in better touch with you. I know how hard those are, but I'm grateful that this one is sticking. :) I can't wait to hear what you're having. Wade's sister Cara is due Feb 1 and is having a girl, so you're not too far behind her. I pray for your family all the time, I'm glad things are getting easier for Mike, but I'm sure it is up and then down again. I need to call you sometime, so don't be surprised when you get a random phone call. :) Love ya

  5. Congrats you guys!! I am voting girl also because I don't buy that 20% statistic. I know so many families that have defied those odds- even though we aren't one of them ;) I really hope the sickness subsides soon. It is so hard to be sick and take care of other little ones. And I agree that the term "morning" sickness is ridiculous... I would always be the sickest in the afternoon- I could set my clocks to it! Good luck!

  6. Congrats to you and your family. I am so excited for you. I am 19 weeks and I find out what I am having on Wed. My Dr. told me the same thing, since I have two girls already, the statistics show I will have another. My pregnancy is totally different this time around too, but I feel great and had noooo sickness or nausea at all. So I will let you know if we defy the odds next week!!!

  7. That's wonderful news, congratulations. I'm voting for a girl, too!

  8. It's a girl!!
    Mindi was sick with the boys but worse with Kennedy. She was also a total airhead. Big time!! She used the bathroom at Target one day and Austin asked her why she used the mens room. Total airhead.
    When I was pregnant with Britt I was sick and hospitalized three times. Sick = girls. I think you're having a girl. Besides, Mike needs a Daddy's Little girl!!

  9. Hopefully it will be a little Felicity! If not maybe we could call him felicito ;) Can't wait to find out!

  10. Hi Briana! I am very excited for you and am voting a girl. They seem to come in shifts...and I have been hearing of a lot of baby girls being born next year. I am sorry to here all the emotions you have had to deal with lately, and wish the very best for your family. You are loved!!!! So if it is born on the 21st, you have the names already. Russ if it is a boy...and Katie if it is a girl. :)

  11. yay congrats. I will cross my fingers for a girl for you. Sorry about the morning sickness, it really is the pits! Keep us posted. Emilee



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