Monday, April 22, 2013

shifting to a proactive perspective: the nerium experience

growing and changing
that is what i have been doing
i am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for just pouring so much into me lately
flooding me with opportunities for myself and my family to grow and grow
i am a changed woman after these past two weeks
a woman with tools
a woman with a plan of action
a woman who has been given insights into herself that can help produce real change
if nothing else comes from my two weekends of learning but the recognition that I can change, then i have been awarded the city of gold

this past week i have come to know for myself that i have an opportunity in my hands that will help to fulfill the dream that i have shared with you this past week
to be able to help provide for my family using my blog as an avenue
and it will begin with a product and a company called

 Nerium Anti-Aging Skincare

i am exploding with excitement to be able to convey to you what i have learned over the past four days by being at the conference and then reflecting, praying, and talking with my husband after

the product is an anti-aging night cream and it is unparalleled
i have seen results in five days which continue to cause me to look in the mirror over and over to believe they are real
be sure to check back tomorrow for my incredible before and after photos
this company is about people and helping to change people’s lives 
it will change the quality of my skin, it already has, and the life of my family
and it is my goal to be able to give every single one of you a chance to discover if it is right for you and if it could lead to an opportunity to change your family’s life as well

but today i want to focus on one specific ‘ah-ha’ moment i experienced this past weekend
i was privileged to listen to author and personal development leader David Byrd 
in his address on achievement as a lifestyle
he described the difference between a proactive and reactive person
and how to shift to a proactive perspective
i am quite aware that i am rather reactionary, the crying over spilt milk kind
there is sooo much i could tell you that opened my eyes as to the real reasons why i respond the way i do to things and what i can do to manage my perspective, but i want to focus on one aspect he taught about 
proactive vs reactive behavior and thinking

proactive: this is my reality and this is what i can do about it
reactive: this is my reality and this is what i can’t do about it
this moves into having feelings about your reality and feeling bad about it
overwhelmed is simply a feeling you have about a circumstance you think you can’t do anything about 
you can switch to a proactive perspective by changing the way you think when something arises in your life
here is the key that opened up a new world for me
‘it is what it is, what can I do about it?’
simple as that
‘it is what it is, what can i do about it?’
someone made a callous remark to me about my children in the store
‘it is what it is, what can i do about it?’
{of course challenging someone to a duel at Target is not what we are talking about here, we are talking about healthy steps toward productive, proactive behavior}
i get a flat tire on the way to a doctor’s appointment for my two sick children
‘it is what it is, what can i do about it?’
someone just dumped milk out all over my newly mopped floor
‘it is what it is, what can i do about it?’

as simple as that
i have already made changes in the way i am thinking
i love that this phrase runs through my head the second i begin to feel my blood boil
the wonderful thing is that it seems to be my daddy’s voice
my daddy hated the word ‘stressed’
he would ask, why are you stressed?
this is just how life goes sometimes
one morning when we were living with my parents after mike’s company could no longer support us
i found that my daddy had printed out one of his favorite quotes and had left it for me on the table
since my daddy had left for work at 4:30 am that morning as usual
‘the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything;
they just make the best of everything they have.’
my daddy loved me and knew what i struggled with and took the time to help me to try and overcome it
i can just hear him chiming along
‘it is what it is, what can you do about it?’

this morning in our devotional
i reported back to my kids about my weekend we discussed this very concept
of being able to choose how you will respond to things that come along that just weren’t in the plan
that they have the power to choose how they will react
one particular son was not thrilled to have to join us for devotional without finishing his breakfast
we recited together
‘it is what it is, what am i going to do about it?’
some of us a little more enthusiastically than others
after we were done this same son was extremely upset that his cereal had become soggy
i told him, ‘say it, say it’
he screamed in a very reluctant cadence, ‘it is what it is, what am i going to do about it?’
i asked, ‘what are you going to do about it?”
he yelled, ‘dump it out and get some new cereal’
a huge smile crept across my face as i realized that this was going to work
another tool to put in my life and motherhood tool belt
something small that will make a large impact on my thinking and behavior
as well as set a pattern of thinking for my children
i am so grateful to have come away from my Nerium experience feeling enriched not only physically, but emotionally

more to come soon on Nerium and my Nerium experience
to find out more right now 
you are welcome to click on the Nerium AD Skincare button in the sidebar that will take you directly to Mike and I’s personal page
or if you are local, ask me for a sample and i'll be there sooner than you can say


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