Friday, August 26, 2011

Leaving Apple

Apple has felt the loss of two great men this week...Steve Jobs and my husband Mike.  It has been a bittersweet thing for Mike to know that he needed a different job. 

Bitter- to realize that this on-your-feet all day, retail-hour job, which happens to be at one of the top companies in the world and happens to sell the coolest products ever- just wasn't a good fit for someone suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.  {read more posts about Mike's journey here.}  His doctor thought he was crazy and rather remarkable for being able to do it for as long as he did.  Truly its a miracle that he could.

Sweet- to hope and pray for a new job that would allow him to not be completely knocked out from exhaustion and pain each and every day, a job that would allow his skills and abilities to be unrestrained in their reach-yes, he's got skills!, a job that would be more conducive to the schedule of a growing, young family.

Bitter+sweet = Today ... You can take the boy out of Apple, but you can never take the Apple out of the boy.

Bitter+sweet = Tomorrow ...  Our future is bright with Mike's new job.  We are so excited to see where this takes our family.  We feel beyond grateful to our Heavenly Father who continues to provide blessings after blessings to our little family.  We have struggled.  We continue to struggle.  But oh are we blessed!  Our 'morrow' has arrived!

I thought it would be fitting to finally post photos of Father's Day this year.  Mike had been wanting a MacBook Air and so we thought that Father's Day would be a fitting occasion.  If you walked by the Apple Store and saw this front window display, then you will understand the kids' presentation.  Each of our 4 children traced {ok I may have helped} their cute little hand onto a balloon.  They in turn walked into the room holding their balloon.  Eyan also brought him one of our favorite green smoothies.  Owen came last, carrying the balloon attached to his MacBook Air that he had made for his Dad.  Of course to get the pleasant employee discount Mike had to purchase the actual notebook himself, but it still counts.


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