Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sharing the Pinterest Love

Have you lately found yourself embarrassingly clueless in being apart of or listening in on a conversation in which the following words and phrases were used..."I pinned that", "did you see my pin?", "loving her board", "are you on Pinterest?"  Huh?!  Well consider yourself in good company.  I have had so many people ask me about it, that I thought I might share my new addiction...I mean love.  

Meet Follow Me on Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, a huge improvement from my dorm room wall.  It gives you the ability to "pin"{save or link to} any image from the web onto your "board" {folder} of choice to organize all of your favorites into one visual grouping - recipes you want to try, sewing tutorials waiting to be made, inspiration photos for your home, clothes waiting to be purchased or just admired, the possibilities are endless.  Once the image is 'pinned' onto your board, you can instantly revisit the website you found it on for all the wonderful details.  What is also amazing is that you can 'follow' others whose boards are in line with your same tastes and preferences so you are always discovering something new each time you log in.  {check mine out by clicking on the 'Pinterest' button above or in the right column}.   By 'repinning' their images, you can place the newly found treasures onto one of your own boards.  Really its incredible!  And rather addicting and of course amazingly helpful at the same time.  There are so many other fabulous tidbits, but I'll just keep this post to Pinterest 101.

"That's nice, but I wouldn't use it, " you may say.  Has your favorites list on your browser become an abyss of jumbled text so that it has become a lottery draw to actually find what you are looking for?   Have you ever needed to plan a party and have had a collection of photos and ideas in so many places you can't remember where something came from?  Have you ever needed to plan a party with no ideas?  Has making the same few things for dinner over and over left you wanting new, healthy options?  Have you ever come across a tutorial for photography, crafting, or photo editing and didn't have time to do it then, but wanted to save it for later? Have you ever planned a vacation and wanted to mark all the hotels and sites you'd like to visit?  Basically, do you use the web yet still have a life outside of it?  If so, you'll love Pinterest.

Here are a few of my pin-tabulous 'pins':

No. 1 Doll Suitcase from Hart and Sew  pinned to my 'Creation on the Horizon' board 
No. 2 Bright Blue Accents Bedroom from HousetoHome pinned to my 'For the Home' board
No. 3 I Love You to the Moon and Back from My Primitive Boutique pinned to my 'For the Boys' board
No. 4 Pila Dress by Crewcuts found on Tada!Shop pinned to my 'Baby Girl' board
No. 5 Peaseblossom bustle skirt from TheMeasure pinned to my 'Baby Girl' board
Artist tape and vintage frames from Besotted Blog pinned to my 'Graphic Appeal' board
The King & Queen font from DaFont pinned to my 'Blog How-to' board

The added hype surrounding it is that you need to be invited to join.  I am more than happy to share the wealth, so by all means let me know if you would like an invitation by providing me with your email address.  Happy pinning!


  1. That's a great idea, I have all these random folders on my desktop of pictures I've saved from the web and my favorites are out of control. I'll send you an email for an invite, thanks!

  2. Briana, I too am addicted to pinterest! I have my whole fall wardrobe pinned! :) love it! Now I'm going to have to branch out to some fun tutorials and recipes!

  3. Chadlee, I sent an invite to you! I hope it will free you from your desktop jumble:) You're gonna love it, just ask Karen here. I'll have to check out your wardrobe Karen! Thanks ladies.

  4. So glad you blog! I love being able to catch up on old friends. You have such a beautiful family!! Loved seeing all those freshman year pics, too many wonderful memories, Shayne and I LOVE to reminisce about that year, it was just amazing...quite a group of people! Looks like life is great for you Briana, I'm so happy!!

  5. Thanks Jonna. Blogging has been so beneficial for me in so many ways! For one thing it really does help me to remember what's most important. I am truly blessed. So glad you enjoyed the photos, picturing some of them in my mind just brings a smile to my face. Yes such amazing people!
    Hope to catch up more soon!!!



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