Monday, July 17, 2006

June 2006: Boating on Utah Lake

Steve, Katie, & Kylie invited us out onto their beautiful, new boat on Utah Lake. Yeah!!!We had a great time despite the rather windy weather. I just loved being on the water. Ricky, Steve's good friend, joined us and helped encourage Owen to get closer and closer to the water. I was happily surprised to see Owen sitting off the back of the boat with his legs dangling in the lake. He had so much fun with his cousin Kylie. Eyan loved the water too. He would have jumped right in if he could have. We sat on the swim deck and enjoyed the warm water. Owen's favorite part was probably driving the boat with his Uncle Steve. He got us really racing:-). Trying to take pictures on a speeding boat was rather challenging. I can't imagine what Katie was feeling being 9 months pregnant. Steve was the only one who tried to do a little surfing because of the choppy water. That just means we'll all have to go another time. I haven't skiied since high school and can't wait for the chance. We'll see how I do. We headed for Parkers for food and shakes afterwards, a Johnson Family tradition.


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