A Little About Us

A Little About Us
We are made up of so many different things-
Energy from 3 busy boys busting out of every seam
dirt, bikes, family room forts & dance parties, legos, books, silly faces, swords, and more dirt
Discovering the new world of ‘girl’ with our baby
babydolls, bows, brothers’ best audience, being Daddy’s girl, shoes, happy & tantrum dances
Balancing act of motherhood
finding joy & purpose, daunting task of keeping a house of order, my bigillion interests & hobbies
Sacrifice and love in marriage and companionship
grateful heart, making time, laughter, saying sorry, sometimes just being side by side on the sofa
Readjusting our life and plans with our new companion Multiple Sclerosis
new expectations, new roles, discovering new family hobbies, finding God’s perspective
Enriching our life with our Faith in Jesus Christ, and through Heavenly Father’s Plan of Happiness
making a house of grace full of willing workers, aligning our will, rely on them day by day hour by hour

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