Friday, August 21, 2009

August 2009: What to do with peaches and plums

Ok, so I signed up to buy a box of peaches and a box of plums through someone at our church for $7.50 each. That seemed like a good deal and my kids love both peaches and plums. So I went to pick them up yesterday, WOW, I had no idea what a box meant. I thought it was just going to be a little flat like you get at the neighborhood strawberry stand, no this is more like a crate -- of each!!!

We had mango-peach smoothies this morning. That was a hit. Another friend is going to try to can some of them, but I would love to be able to make some freezer jam with them. Someone tell me that it is an easy process. Would love any insights on how to make freezer jam or any other fabulous idea of what to do with a ton of peaches and plums, and quick!!!


  1. Hi sweet Briana,
    Freezer jam is good but takes up freezer space & in an outage may thaw.
    I buy Sure Jell or the like, follow the package directions and use my food processor to mush them. I water bath the jars of jam. With lum you can simply wash and pit them and stick them in the food processor skin and all!
    Peach pie, cobbler & and crisp is yummy and can be made and put in the freezer. You go girl!!!
    You can use my water bath if need be.

  2. Freezer Jam is super easy to make, do it!!!

  3. i made jam...not the freezer kind...and it was delish! Pretty easy too.

  4. I've got to do something with my peaches this week too. If you would like we could set up a "jam factory" and do it together. Better yet we could have a "jam session" complete with fruit and some sweet tunes. I felt much more confident when I did it with someone and then looked at all my jars sitting on the table catching the sunlight and it gave me warm (peach) fuzzies!

  5. I made freezer plum jam last year...not a big fan of it. The sugar never even mixed in with the plums. I threw some out, and still have some stuck in the back of the freezer. However, at the same time I made cooked plum jam, which really isnt that hard to make, and there is NONE left. Everybody loved it. I do not even own the proper canning pots and such, but did the same thing with a big pot of boiling water. Fun, tasty, and I felt so accomplished!
    I had some of Angie's and Carrie's canned peaches when I was visiting California...I have NEVER tasted any better peaches. Puts store bought can peaches to shame! Hook up with her, and I bet you'll be thinking the same thing!



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