Monday, June 26, 2006

June 2006: World Cup Mania

Well if you know Mike very well or at all, you should know that he loves soccer. In fact that's the greatest understatement. Owen was born during the 2002 World Cup and luckily for me, the games were on at 3 AM, so Mike & Owen would watch the games together. This year, you might be aware that the World Cup is every 4 years, Mike could not wait for the tournament to begin. He would call me up in the middle of the day and say "guess what?" or "I have something very important to tell you", "the World Cup starts in 'such a such' of days (or hours)". Almost everytime I really thought he would have something new to say. So we got the picture that it was pretty important to "Daddy". We made poster-size charts of all the groups with all the flags and Owen drew a soccer field of players. He did great. It was the first time I could actually tell that Owen was trying hard to draw something and one of the first times I had seen him write his name. We bought USA flags and hats, soccer decorations, and got Mike's own soccer stuff down to decorate the TV/exercise room. We surprised him and he loved it. We are down to the "Round of 16" and are trying to be patient with the amount of soccer viewed as yes, it only comes around every 4 years, Mike keeps reminding us. Don't I have the cutest boys? Poor Eyan, the hat was too big. I was laughing so hard trying to take these pictures.

June 2006: T-ball, Treats, and Trophies

Owen has completed his first season of sports. I know there will be countless to come. I still couldn't believe that for 3 & 4 yr old t-ball they had games twice a week. I've been told it gets worse. Owen loved it, mostly. Attention spans ran short for Owen and for Mom & Dad. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at Owen's participation and interest. We had to keep reminded ourselves that he is 4. I think he needs something a little more fast paced to keep his attention. He is signed up for soccer in the fall. Owen and his cousin Brayden lived for the after game treats and were ever so delighted to get trophies. "Is that me?" Owen asked about the man on the trophy. He thinks it the greatest thing. He misses T-ball and keeps asking about soccer. Isn't he cute?

June 2006: Eyan's growing up

Eyan is the cutest baby in the world! Who can resist the toothy grin, dimples, perfect cheeks, happy eyes, and cuddly body? He is such a sweet baby and is just loving being able to move around more. He is definitely becoming more daring. His favorite thing is to push the furniture, his bike, well pretty much anything around the rooms. He will hold one of my hands and walk. He likes to stand up while leaning up against something. He does this cute little thing with one of his legs where he'll lift it back, kind of like an attitude in ballet. Our favorite thing that he is doing right now is giving kisses. He loves to drink his bottle and then stop, take it out of his mouth and wait. He wants us to give him a kiss. As soon as we give him a "kissie", he'll drink his bottle until he wants another one. Yeah, he's a cutie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

May 2006: Memorial Day: Pinatas-Owen's 4th Birthday

If you were at our Cinco de Mayo party, the title "pinatas" might drive fear in your heart as we sort of had a few life-threatening mishaps, but for Owen's Birthday it was just fun and games. Mike "let Owen choose" the pinata and somehow we ended up with a Darth Vader one. When I find who was taking pictures while I was videoing I'll add some to the blog. On to cake time: Owen choose a chocolate cake with Mickey sprinkles, yes I know you are all so surprised that I didn't create a homemade masterpiece. He loved his "birthday party" with all of his Johnson cousins. Grammy gave him a special present with "O...W...E...N..." on it, as Owen says, "for me to be a missionary". Trying to leave is the worst part of any excursion. Owen hates leaving anywhere except our house. Home to try out Owen's birthday present, a new big boy bike!!!

May 2006: Memorial Day: Tractors

Memorial Day 2006 just happened to fall on Owen's 4th Birthday. Memorial Day for the Johnson Family means a day on "the estate", as Mike calls it, his sister Kristin's home. They have a lot the great things a family should have, including Owen's favorite thing: a tractor and trailer. He pretty much sat in that thing all day, mostly staring at the parts trying to figure out how they work. Kristin introduced their family's new favorite activity: getting dragged by the tractor. Of course I tried it. Lots of the "adults" tried it. It was sooo much fun. A great ab workout and massage. The tough part was to stay on while our nephew Stockton tried to peel your fingers off the back of the trailer. Here I am with my sister-in-laws Jenny and then Lynnie. Karen was the queen though; she held on with one arm and flexed the other.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

May 2006: We Missed Daddy

The boys and I really missed Mike when we were gone. Eyan just about lept out of my arms into his when we got home. Boys sure love to play. Here's Mike's attempt at getting us all to look at the same time.

May 2006: The Beach

Yes, I have to go to the beach each time I go to California. Its like recharging my batteries until next visit. There are few things I enjoy more than being at the beach. I could stay there all day and be very happy. Luckily Owen loves it too. Sunday, Kelli, Davis, Owen, and I went down to their beach in Cardiff and explored the tide pools. Later on Luke, Mom, Liz, and Eyan joined us on a "walk" (more like hike) of their neighborhood. It is absolutely beautiful, Cardiff by the Sea. I hope Luke & Kelli get to settle down there.

Friday, June 09, 2006

May 2006: Happy 95th Abuelito

Our amazing great-grandpa Abuelito turned 95. I hope I am that quick-witted and have that great of a memory when I'm 95. I've got some great genes. I love my Abuelito and was soo happy to be there to celebrate his birthday and my little cousin Bronson's christening. Here is a photo of five generations of Californians: myself, Eyan, Mom, Abuelito, and Grandma. Eyan is tenth generation Californian. I love it. We've got great history.

May 2006: Happy California Birthday Owen

All Owen talked about before our trip was celebrating his 4th birthday in California. We planned a little party with his cousin Sophia for her 3rd birthday. Where else do you go for birthdays, but Chuck E Cheezit (as Owen calls it). Owen had a blast in the play area with his cousin Collin, Liz, and her ever popular friends Leanne and Roxanne (they will soon be famous filmmakers.) G.G. and G.Gramps came to see baby Jackson and wish a Happy Birthday to Owen and Sophie.

May 2006: Four Grandsons

My mom has four grandsons (Owen, Eyan, Jackson, and Davis) ! We've almost got a hockey team. Here we all are: Me, Owen, Mom, Eyan, Vanessa, Jackson, Kelli, and Davis!!! Trying to get us all looking and smiling at the same time, that's another story. Fun times to look forward to at the Dix home. Hurry and build that new house Grandma. It was a great Mother's Day (we were just missing Mike).

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

May 2006: Luke Graduates!!

Congratulations to my hard working brother Lucas who graduated from Cal State San Marcos on May 13th. He has been a real-life super-hero, being a husband, father, son, brother, and fun uncle, working full-time to support his family, giving numbers of hours of church service, and finishing his degree. I am very proud of him. We were so happy to be there to celebrate this great accomplishment. We all went out to Benihana's for lunch. Owen kept a close eye on the chef and did his Daddy proud wtih those chopsticks. Eyan and Davis had fun poking each other. It was a long day for everyone; Eyan fell asleep on my shoulder. Such a cute baby!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

May 2006: Baby Jackson Arrives

Vanessa gave birth to baby Jackson Keath Ferguson on May 4th, Abuelito's 95th birthday (he really is a "good wait-er"). I had to wait what seemed forever to come down to see him. You forget how tiny babies are when they're born. He is adorable. He looks just like Josh with Vanessa's nose. Owen could not wait to come down and see his new cousin.


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