Sunday, November 29, 2015

a new home: the start of a new chapter

i have never been more thankful for a hole and a pile of dirt in my life
and with 3 boys there have been plenty to go around 

after one miracle after another and another 
we will be able to build a home 
one designed with mike's current and future needs in mind
two years ago when we applied for Disability I never would have guessed we would be blessed with this miracle 
when we were denied Disability after a year i wondered how we would make it and why this was happening 
i am thrilled to say that the timing of finally being approved for Disability set into motion a series of unforeseen miracles that will now allow us to have a place of our own  

after moving 15 times we will finally be able to put down roots 
in a home where Mike and our children will thrive and feel secure
no more questions from them of when we are moving next

generally the kids are happy to move
with the exception of one teen pictured
the size of our yard is doing much to persuade them that leaving their friends one more time will be worth it

i am thrilled that Mike will have the accommodations he will need to live life with more ease
and have all of the things he needs on one level
especially since the need for a wheelchair has come

for me i will be nine miles from work
a comfort and a convenience and peace of mind
it won't hurt that i will get to select fun things like paint colors and lighting fixtures either

i think back to those moments of wondering why we were being denied the blessings that in my mind seemed to have not come at a better time
how grateful i am that there is one that can see more than i
i think questioning the timing of things will be a lifelong obstacle for me
but more and more i am beginning to trust God and his timing 
oh there's still the woes in the midst of the storm
but evidences of past aid find their way into my mind and heart more often
delivering that desired calmness which smooths over my eruptions of despair or panic more quickly 
sometimes these episodes come when I think of our future and what that means for Mike's health and our family
and although the circumstances of our trials are not being removed 
the Lord shows us time and time again that he is moving mountains for us so that the climb we are making carrying our load feels possible  
and indeed there are times when He walks the trails beside us, carrying it himself

we have been so grateful to so many of you who answered my call from my last post to come and visit Mike or send him a video or note
our home has been filled with visitors 
and our mailbox and inbox have been filled with messages
it has brought Mike so much joy
and tears to my face
our new home will need to echo your warmth so consider this an official invitation to our new home whenever it's finished
we'll sit on the back porch and sip some lemonade


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