Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008: Family Vacation - The River

Part 1 of 3 - The River

This year's family vacation, my entire family was able to be together. That in itself is a wonderful thing! My sister Vanessa and her hubbie Josh, an avid kayaker and river guide put together a fun-filled, adventurous vacation up at the Kern River. This was my first time going and I was very excited to go river rafting. We rented two neighboring homes in which we all fit. Vacationing with kids is always eventful and seldom restful, but that's just a part of being a parent, right?! Josh took the kids in his splash-yak down a calm part of the river. Owen and Eyan both loved it as you can see. Auntie Liz went down with 'E'. Here is Kelli and Davis in the Splash-yak too. The river and surrounding area was beautiful and Mike and I were reminded that God is a magnificent artist. The boys loved playing in a shallow little pool in the river.

Of course there are rocks in a river, these particular rocks did not like us. Mike floated down some rapids in his life jacket with "the boys" the first night and got so beat up by the rocks that he came home severely limping and swollen. Well Eyan soon joined him on the bench list. Eyan cranked his chin on a rock and we ended up in the E.R. at the Kern Valley Medical Center. Mike just about walked out as soon as we arrived, lets just say one nurse had missing teeth and another actually had all her teeth but was busy digging a toothpick in them as she was helping us. Actually the doctor and attending nurse were great and Eyan was dubbed the best patient of the year by them. He did not scream while receiving 3 shots and 5 stitches, just huge crocodile tears. Poor little guy, he was so sweet.

I felt bad because I had a great time. River rafting was so much fun, next time I'm on to the bigger rapids. Josh took "the girls" down the river with Luke and Jesse helping. We floated down the river and then Luke, Jesse, and I went down the rapids just floating in our life jackets. It was exhilarating being rushed downstream like that. I only panicked for a short time when I got pulled under in a rapid, but I quickly popped up. We also found a rope swing attached to a tall tree branch, something you see on movies. I hurled into the river on it and felt like a little kid. We all made it safely down the river and had a great time. No photos to document it though, too bad. I really missed Mike on the rafting trip and hope that some time in the future we can go together. Mike had to stay with the kids so that I could go. Mike and Liz with all the nephews and nieces for most of the day-the sacrifices you make for your family:-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 2008: Introducing the Bumvelope

Well its finally been decided after survey and much debate, our diaper and wipes holder had been named the BUMVELOPE. The name really has just stuck from the beginning which is part of the reason I have grown to like it and we chose it. You just can't forget the silly name.

Check out our POLKA DOT SQUARE Etsy shop for the complete details. If you haven't visited our shop for awhile, you should check it out. We are continuing to expand and its been so much fun! One of our most popular items has been the medium Savvy Snack bag used for school lunches, with the newest addition being our sandwich size bags.

*•-:¦:-•:*' '*:•-:¦:-*
We are very excited to introduce our latest addition to the Savvy Snack bag family, the Bumvelope, a diaper and wipes holder that opens like an envelope and carries like a clutch purse. With the opening lengthwise it is much easier to add and remove 3-4 diapers (depending on size) and a travel wipes container. No more squished diapers buried at the bottom of your diaper bag. For a quick outing take it along solo, our fabric combinations leave no room for embarrassment from the fashion police.

With fabrics coordinating with our Savvy Snack bags, you'll have the most stylish, functional, and reusable essentials in you diaper bag.

Our current fabric is in our ORGANIC COTTON and BAMBOO fabric combination - a brown safari print of 100% organic cotton and a green leaf print of 60% organic cotton and 40% bamboo poplin. We will be adding more fabric combinations soon!

Measures flat at 11"W x 7"H

Holds 3-4 diapers depending on the size and a travel wipes container.

Opens lengthwise to allow easy access to contents

Velcro closure for use after use

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Organic Cotton Bumvelope: $24.95

Regular Cotton Bumvelope: $19.95

Copyright SAVVY SNACKS 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

July 2008: Faces of July

I sure have the cutest boys! Here are some fun faceshots of the boys from the past month of July:

Tate and Grandma from Juliet's 1st birthday party. I think this is one of my favorite photos of little Tate. :

Here is Tate with his super cute chocolate smile:

Here are all my boys watching Star Wars. Owen has this "concentrating face" that we are helping him rid of to save his adorable face from permanent wrinkling:
One hot summer day in the house - Eyan on the sofa, Owen with his scary pirate faces, and Tate reading:
How can you not laugh? I had to try not to because they were very serious when they came down from their room one night and asked me to take a picture of them as pirates. Owen's scarf loin cloth is a crack up, where does he come up with that?:

July 2008: Lego Creations

These pictures tell it all, Owen loves Legos. His creations are thoughtful, inventive, and detailed. He can tell me the name and function of each part of his creations. Lately since he, Eyan, and Mike have been watching the original Star Wars trilogy, he has been creating a lot of ships. His attention to detail is pretty amazing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

July 2008: Trip to the Temple

For those of you who are Latter-day Saints and are parents, you know that we all try to teach our children about the peace and joy that comes from being inside the Temple, a House of our Lord. We teach them that beautiful song, "I Love to See the Temple":

I love to see the temple
I'm going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit
To listen and the pray
For the temple is a House of God
A place of love and beauty
I'll prepare myself while I am young
This is my sacred duty

Well my boys have been asking me to take them to the temple again.
In our religion, the temple is a sacred place where members of our church who have worthily prepared themselves by keeping God's commandments to the best of their ability and have committed to keep certain standards outlined by our church leaders, (read more about temples here and see photos of the 127 temples worldwide here), may enter when they are 12. However anyone can be on temple grounds and will feel the beautiful, peaceful feeling of the presence of the Holy Spirit there.

So of course we made a trip down to the temple on the way to cousin Juliet's 1st birthday party. The temple grounds were busy with new brides and grooms and their families. The San Diego Temple is so majestic, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, the place Mike and I were married. We took the boys around to the back of the temple were Mike and I exited the temple as a brand new married couple. We tried to reverently walk around the grounds, which was very difficult for 3 young boys, but I know they wanted to be there. I hope that they could feel the Spirit even though it was just a short little trip. It didn't go as perfectly as I imagined in my mind, but we'll come back when its not so busy outside, and have a special little lesson.

Grandpa came with us, so we were able to get a few photos. In looking at these photos, I can't help but smile. My beautiful boys in my arms, sitting at the place that enabled us to be a forever family. I also remembered how hard it was to get them to actually "sit" for these photos. I was looking at the photos of just me and the boys when the song "In My Arms" by Plumb came on my playlist. It is such a beautiful song. I couldn't help but cry in hearing the words,

your baby blues
so full of wonder
your curley cues
your contagious smile
and as i watch you start to grow up
all I can do is hold you tight

knowing clouds will rage
and storms will race in
but you will be safe in my arms
rains will pour down
waves will crash all around
but you will be safe in my arms

I am so grateful for my beautiful family and for the knowledge that I have that I will be able to be with them forever! We will all be safe in the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

July 2008: Flowers for me

I know that I have mentioned this before, but I am very lucky. My husband brings me flowers all the time, just because. Sometimes its perfect timing on those days when its just really hard being a mom. Pretty wonderful, isn't he?! He knows how much I love flowers and how my mood can be lifted instantaneously when I see or hold some. I love arranging them and having them around the house. Here is a spray of red roses in my family room. Beautiful aren't they?!

July 2008: Tate's New Tricks:-)

Tate is at such a fun age. He loves to copy us, especially his brothers. He also makes the most darling and silly faces. He does this funny little underbite smile with his wrinkled nose and squinty eyes. When he flirts with the girls at the store or at church he does a little smile and tilts his little head into his shoulder. When he is excited he makes a little laugh that's part lamb, part horse. When he thinks he's really funny he'll quickly shake his head side to side over and over. When he is upset he flings his forearm across his eyes and cries, such drama, its hilarious. He now knows how to fold his arms during prayer. Its pretty cute. We just tell him that its time for prayer and usually he responds quite proudly. He also loves to dance, turning his head side to side and bouncing up and down- his favorites to groove to are "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional and "Lets Dance to Joy Division" by the Wombats - both in my "Feel Good" playlist.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

July 2008: 4th of July at Moonlight Beach

We had a warm and beautiful 4th of July at Moonlight Beach. My brother got there at 6 am to stake out our spot. Thanks Bub! We got there around 10 and spent the day playing and eating! And of course I managed to step on a bee, yes if you just read the post on our little getaway, I'm sure you are not surprised. I have definitely been identified by the words of U2's "Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?", "You're an accident waiting to happen, you're a piece of glass left there on the beach." At least I learned that not everytime I get stung by a bee do I break out in hives, that was only last time! I also learned from my longtime friend Angie that putting a penny directly onto a bee sting will take the pain away, don't ask me why. The boys had fun in the sand and water as usual. Owen and Eyan were mesmerized by a couple of boys digging a huge moat and wall. They let them climb in and watch. Tate really enjoyed splashing around more than he has before. This is such a fun age. Mike was able to join us for a short while, retail knows only 2 holidays and 4th of July isn't one of them. Sometimes Mike forgets there are other holidays.

July 2008: My Nana

I was able to take the kids over to see my Nana who now lives with her daughter since the passing of our beloved Abuelito. She was actually coming out to her own home, a home that I am so familiar with and brings back childhood memories: my Abuelito outback in his workshop busily making something wonderful out of wood, picking grapes from the vines, Nana's lemon cake, raking leaves out back. Here is my Nana, 92 years old, with my 3 boys. She is so amazing. I went to crop this photo and I couldn't. Looking at the room I see so many familiar things, the entertainment center Abuelito made, arm rests that Nana crocheted, photos of my Mom and Aunt Kelly in high school on the wall, the cross that hung on the wall in their bedroom.

Both her and Abuelito have given so much with their hands. My Abuelito was a master craftsman and created beautiful things with wood, treasures each one in the family hold dear. For his career he drafted and built incredible wooden yachts as well as ships during the war that safely navigated mine fields. My Nana was always creating play things for us as children, bunnies, dolls, jewelry holders, hair accessories. She has created beautiful things for my own children now: blankets, booties, shoes, sweaters, and even a little bear Tate loves to hold and sleep with. I hope that I will live such a long, healthy life and get to see so many generations. My Abuelito was 94 when he passed away. Almost 10 years ago, I went on a trip to Mexico City with my Abuelito and Nana for a family reunion. I will never forget that trip- visiting the museums, meeting my wonderfully warm family, and dancing with my Abuelito to a Mariachi band. How many girls get to know their great-grandparents like that? Not many. I am one of the lucky few. And my boys, their great-great grandparents. Families are wonderful!

June 2008: The world through the eyes of little boys

I followed Owen and Eyan around the backyard and watched them play. I love seeing their wonderment about things I normally just past by... or sometimes squish. Boys are just boys. They love dirt, rocks, bugs, to be outside, things that go fast, and somehow sticks always become swords!

June 2008: Cheryl's Luncheon

If you have read posts on my blog before, I'm sure you've heard me talk about Cheryl. She has been such a fun and wonderful friend to my entire family. She is a hardworking, loving person who has been such a amazing help to myself, my mom, my sisters, in-laws, etc. My mom threw her a surprise birthday party and boy was she surprised. We all pitched in to get her her 1st purse! She finally graduated from a backpack to a purse. I think she really liked it. Here are a few photos from the nice luncheon. The 2nd one is of her and her daughter Katie, like a big sis to my boys. I am sure that if she was here she would tell me how to photoshop these pictures better, sorry! Still learning that difficult program.

Friday, August 01, 2008

June 2008: Owen's Kinder Graduation

Owen graduated from Kindergarten and is ready to move onto... 9th grade. Yes, that is what he tells us. I think we have created a monster. We have been telling Owen how smart he is, so now he REALLY believes it. He cracks me up. The graduation was fun. I love that the ratio of adults to kids was like 5:1 except for 1 little girl, I felt so bad for her, she had no one there. Mr. Branstetter was such a fabulous teacher for Owen, a real answer to prayer. I am nervous for next year's teacher. Owen is also pictured here with the infamous J.R., Owen's bud and competition. Owen would come home and tell us how he beat J.R. in something or how J.R. beat him in somthing. It was such a big deal for him to beat him. Here are some pics of graduation as well as some photos from when we got home. I love these ones of Owen. He looks like such a big kid. He really is such a handsome boy. I love the one of his shoe. Its definitely seen some action this year. I also love the one of him watching the ants, real life boy stuff.


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