Monday, March 23, 2009

March 2009: It's Official- I'm cursed!

Well dear friends, It has been fun hearing from you. I think just maybe, people finally started looking at my blog again and then.... nothing from me. Well, let me just apologize and say that it is official, I am cursed!!! Its a long sob story of one problem or another with computers. Here's the basics: downloaded a virus on our computer called Anti-Virus 2009. It is a malicious virus meant to look like it is affiliated with Windows and is an ... you guessed it, anti-virus program. It is one of the worst kinds, it is actually launched with the turning on of your computer. So our computer is fried. So my brother and sister-in-law graciously let us have their old PC, since they have a fancy new Mac. I downloaded all of their personal files onto an external harddrive- thankfully -, used it once and now it will no longer turn on -nothing- zip-zilch- nada. I am lucky my mom is letting me use hers since I'm sure it will explode once I go to turn it off.
So in the mean time-call me, text me, send me photos in the mail.
Hopefully there will be a happy sequel soon.
Miss you all!!!


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