Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Batbaatar from Mongolia

Doesn't it feel good to help someone else!?  I just love that rush of goodness that fills you up when you feel like you've made a difference in someone's life.  Then you are so anxious to tell others how they can help too!  Well that's how I'm feeling today.  That's why I want you to

Meet Batbaatar Sumiyabaatar from Mongolia

Batbaatar is a shoe maker!  Batbaatar is 34 years old and lives with his wife and two children, ages 7 and 15, in a ger, a Mongolian traditional nomadic housing tent {what!}, in Zavhan province of Mongolia. 

Batbaatar started his business in 2004 at his home. Batbaatar is responsible for making the traditional handicraft footwear items, including shoes, boots, sandals etc.. On the other hand his wife, Bayasgalan, is responsible for selling their shoes at a rented stall at a trading center. They have managed to build a strong customer base and their customers are satisfied with the quality and uniqueness. Batbaatar and his wife are planning to expand and continue their business in the future.

He is a hardworking man who says, "I want to buy a sophisticated sewing machine in order to increase our product sales." He is requesting a 3,000,000 MNT {$2,500} loan to purchase a sewing machine from China and some materials for his business.

Here's how we come in and how we found out about it all:

Mike received a special gift for his birthday from our good friend Zak, in the form of a Kiva Card.  It was through this that we were introduced to Kiva and how they work.  Zak gave us $25 to invest in a loan of an entrepreneur some where around the globe to help realize their dreams. What an amazing gift!!  I think this going to be a definite re-gift idea.  

Mike looked at the map of the globe and decided he wanted to chose someone from Mongolia.  Mike chose Batbaatar the shoe maker to invest his $25.  Here are a few photos I found of traditional Mongolian boots:

Once Batbaatar pays Mike back, he can reinvest it into someone else's dreams, like Miguel Angel Huanca Torrez from Bolivia who wants to buy equipment for phone repair

or Shaymaa from Iraq who has a sewing shop and needs a new sewing machine

What an amazing opportunity to help someone who is working hard to help themselves!!  Hope you catch the excitement as well and invest a little of your money to make someone's need or dream come true.

Watch this cute, short animated video or see the flow chart below to see the process illustrated:

How Kiva Works from Kiva Microfunds on Vimeo.


  1. I love the program. We've made donations in the past. ;D

  2. Batbaatar got his loan fully funded!! Thank you to everyone that helped.

  3. Hello.
    Can anybody tell me how I contact Batbaatar ???

    I really want to stay with them !!!!!

    PLEASE contact me,

    Best regards

  4. Hello Anne,
    I just emailed you, but just in case I thought I'd respond to you on the blog as well.
    What an adventure it would be to go visit Batbaatar and his family. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to contact him personally. I would imagine that the best way would be to contact and hopefully they could direct you to someone locally who could better help you.
    Good luck to you and thank you for reading my post:)

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