Wednesday, October 21, 2015

progressing with multiple sclerosis: an update on Mike

living with multiple sclerosis as a father and husband

we are not meant to carry things alone

at times when this journey feels so lonely
when i keep quiet to avoid being the heaviness in the conversation
when one more thing just makes me feels like i will shatter from the pressure
when i ache watching my husband suffer
at these times without fail i have not had to carry on alone

you have been there
in a text
in a phone call
in a comment
in a song
with a load of folded laundry
with a bucket of cleaner
with a meal
with your car keys in hand

and because you have been there
i know He has been there
aware of my sorrows
reaching out to let me know
i see you Briana
i see your husband
i see your children
and i will not leave you alone
the weight you all carry may seem heavy
but i will send you people to help you carry it
for you are not meant to carry it alone

this week we received difficult news regarding Mike's health
the disease has accelerated from one type of MS to another
from relapsing/remitting to progressive
from an ebb and flow of symptoms to a constant decline
and an aggressive one at that

there is no specific medication for progressive MS at this time
but there is hope for one in 2017
there is however a medication not designed for MS that has shown some success that we will be lobbying with our insurance to try
we would love your prayers and positive thoughts as we advance through this approval process both to be able to try the medication and for financial assistance to do so
as it is very expensive

as you can imagine this news is daunting
i have watched with great alarm as Mike's health has declined rapidly over the past 3-4 months
and yet his spirit remains determined to be happy
just this monday on our special family night
he implemented the Positivity Project
in which he encouraged us all to channel our perspective and the words we use to demonstrate positivity

the struggle for Mike to be himself is real
the physical and cognitive limitations take a toll on him
and take him away from us for a time
but he comes back to us
and you know when he feels like himself in a big way
when he has visitors
so if you have some time
if you have been blessed by Mike in any way
i ask for you to come visit him
he is homebound almost exclusively
and while i am at work
the battle is real for him to be present while he is alone
come laugh with him
renew a friendship
strike up a friendship
he's the greatest man i know
and he needs us right now
he needs us to help him remember who he is
how brave he is
how witty he is
how insightful he is
how faithful he is

if you live far away
give him a call
do Facetime
send him a text
jump on a plane to come visit
we've got a guest bed ready for you

we thank you for your kindness
we thank you for your prayers
they sustain us
and we feel them
for we know that when you have been there
God has been there


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