Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 2009: You are needed!

Hello Friends and Family in the new year!!! Great news, WE GOT OUR COMPUTER FIXED (twice in the last month-long story-but please don't ever open anything called Anti-Virus 2009-love to tell you why if you're interested). I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but right now- YOU ARE NEEDED!

I was just asked to be a facilitator (fancy word for teacher) at my church's local Women's Conference this coming month. Scary!, but if you read my post entitled "A New Woman!" you know how much I loved and benefitted from going to Women's Conference this past year at BYU. I know the importance of these classes and am taking my "assignment" very seriously.

It is a topic that I think is universal- something that we all need reminders in, and something everyone can input on: "Believing in Yourself".

I am blessed to have a husband who repeatedly reminds me that we are all painfully aware of our weaknesses and we don't need anyone else pointing them out. I am a lucky beneficiary of his belief. Its a good thing too because I definitely fall into the "painfully aware" category. So why does being aware of our weaknesses have to be so painful?

I bet right now there is something pressing on your mind, something that you view yourself falling short in, something you are overwhelmed or afraid by, something you are wondering if you are good enough to do. So what is stopping you from believing in yourself? That is one of the questions I would love help in answering. The other would be of course, what helps you the most to actually believe in yourself? I would love e-mails, comments, or just taking a second to take my poll on the side here.

I know you all collectively are a fountain of wisdom and I would appreciate ideas to help me launch from! Thank you all!


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