Saturday, June 20, 2015

The LifeBeats Project

friends i am so grateful that you have stuck around for this ride
that of the journey of transition and finding happiness
as we have adjusted to living with Mike's multiple sclerosis 
as well as my pursuit to provide for our family in a way that will allow me to preserve our family lifestyle as much as possible

i am so grateful for all the things that have come into my life that have provided me 
with learning opportunities and communities of support
and have aided in refining my path towards financial self sufficiency through pursuing my passions

the next stepping stone in this journey comes with much anticipation and joy
as it has so much to do with you
on the wise urgings of my husband who has told me to 'just start'
as opposed to my natural tendency to want to know everything from the beginning to the end
i have 'just started'
and am now able to share the beginnings of this incredible project with you

it is with much excitement and a truckload of butterflies swarming my stomach
that i present to you

The LifeBeats Project is a podcast and blog dedicated to Pursuing the Art of Living Extraordinarily

its a celebration of the extraordinary that already lies within you and
a practice devoted to helping you achieve a breakthrough
to illuminate more of it in yourself
and the world around you

i will be interviewing everyday people like you and me
and sharing their inspiring stories of extraordinary living

as well as expert guests who will share with us practical and applicable steps we can take to help us better our lives and enrich those relationships around us

Listen to my 10 minute introductory podcast over at 
that will share more about how my passion was sparked and ignited
as well as what you can expect from upcoming episodes

be sure to subscribe with your email address to receive notification of when my first podcast will be released
beat alongside of me in all the beginning stages on instagram @lifebeatsproject

and of course I would love to hear from you
my longtime friends
please share with me your thoughts by commenting below or emailing me at
and if you would like to share your story with me
or someone else's story who has inspired you
please share it with me at the above email address as well

thank you for your continued support 
the impact your encouragement and confidence in me has provided
has helped carry me through this rollercoaster journey


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