Monday, October 29, 2007

October 2007: Ode to Scotch Tape

Scotch tape - a 5 year old boy's solution for everything -
  • when you run out of room on a regular piece of paper to finish long words like "halloween" and "birthday" - just write on another tiny piece of paper and tape it on the edge
  • when you break the end of your plastic shovel off from digging in every substance possible, just tape it back on
  • when your tractor's wheels and roof just won't stay on, layer after layer of scotch tape is sure to do the trick
  • when you rip a hole in the sofa from running on it while mom is passed out from staying up all night with a sick baby, just enlist your little brother to cut you off a 3 foot long piece while you hold the two ripped sides together

These and countless others just have to make you laugh and appreciate the ingenious mind of the 5 year old boy. Thank you Owen. I love watching you in action.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 2007: Pumpkin Patch

We love the Pumpkin Patch. Eyan has started saying his own prayers. The week before we went, he slipped in "Pumpkin Patch" about 3 different times into his prayers. It was hilarious! All the cousins were able to go along with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Steve, Aunt Dawn, Sophie, and some friends of Kelli's. It was a long drive to Escondido, but worth it. I love seeing the gigantic pumpkins on the vine; the little pumpkins were set in large piles. There was a tractor hay ride - Eyan's favorite part - a pony ride, a petting zoo with a pesky little goat, and a hay maze just the right size for the kids.

October 2007: Legos are the best toy

My boys LOVE Legos. They are the greatest toy. Owen really is amazing with his creations. He enjoys creating his own things - like a pool on the back of a train, castles, car washes, etc - as well as being really good at following the step by step instructions on his own. Here he is making a hotel with Grandma. Eyan is also very methodical in his creations. He has a distinct pattern when creating "sumping" - translation "something". "Sumping" can now be substituted for almost any word - tower, car, boat. If he wants me to "help" him make "sumping" he gets upset if I put the Lego in the wrong spot and does it himself. I grew up with brothers that loved Legos; my mom even kept their bucket'o'legos. I love those kind of toys that just lets their imagination soar.

October 2007: General Conference in our P.J.s

The first Sunday in October is an opportunity to listen to our church's General Conference, an international broadcast from Utah featuring our Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders from our church. It is always an inspiring time. This conference really helped me to feel enpowered as a mother and I am grateful for that. Sometimes I struggle in feeling that my strengths don't always coincide with what Motherhood requires. I came away feeling that I really could become good at this :-).
It has become more difficult to listen with 3 little munchkins, but I realized I need to put more preparation into creating a great experience for them as well. My brother Lucas and his family came as well as my sister Vanessa and hers. I'm sure it was quite a new experience for Jesse, but I think he loved it. Mom and Dad asked for it by building such an accomodating house!

September 2007: Such a cute baby

September 2007: Reflections

Friday, October 26, 2007

September 2007: JESSE IS HOME!!!

Our family is so happy for the return of our little Bub, my brother Jesse!!! Poor guy, he'll probably never outgrow that name. Jesse has been serving a mission for our church for 2 years down in San Antonio Texas and many border towns. He speaks wonderful Spanish and loved the people. He is a hard worker and loved watching individuals and families' lives change as he taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesse left when Eyan was 5 months old. 3 of his nephews and 1 niece were born while he was away. We were all so thrilled to have him home for awhile before he goes up to BYU for the second half of Fall Semester. Mom is still mad at me for introducing Jesse to BYU's block scheduling. She was hoping to have Jesse home until Winter Semester began. He has been enjoying his nephews and niece and we have all been having some great times together.

September 2007: When Daddy Comes Home

Mike went to his annual Barnes and Noble Conference in Florida and brought back surprises for the boys. Didn't you just love it when your Dad came home from business trips? We knew that meant surprises. Of course when Mom went out of town, that meant Dad would buy us sugar cereal:-)

September 2007: New Forever Family

I felt privileged to be able to attend the temple sealing of our good friends the Wakumotos in Las Vegas. Kandice and Wade were able to adopt their sweet little Chase and through the ordinances of the temple, were able to have him sealed to them which we believe enables families to live together eternally after this life. It was a joyous day, one they have longed for for 8 years. After Kandice adopted Chase she has now become pregnant with twin girls. She will have 3 children under the age of 2, wow! She's going to be a great mom of 3. I miss her and wish we could live close to each other.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

September 2007: True Blue Cougar Fans

I have never before in my life seen a sight like the parking scene of the BYU v UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure how to describe it. Lets just say that we passed the Rose Bowl (capacity 91,000+) and miles - literally - of parked cars on a golf course before we could park. We couldn't even see the stadium from where we parked. It was incredible! What was even more incredible was the amount of BYU fans that were there. It was the closest we will get to Cougar Stadium this year. It was so much fun. Mom, Dad, Owen, Mike, and I met my bro Luke, his son Davis, and Luke's friend Travis at the game. We had a great time despite the bad ref calls and disappointing outcome. Mike says there's nothing like singing your fight song in someone else's house. I saw several of my friends from BYU and I know more of them were there. I created a coloring sheet - okay, really it was a cheat sheet for me - of some important players' numbers and names as well as some other football clipart for Owen. He was great the entire time. We're going to the San Diego game next. P.S. - Do you love Owen's shoes? How many of you either had a pair or your brother did?

September 2007: Grandparents' Day

Owen and Grandma had a fun Grandparents' Day together at school - working hard, playing at recess, singing songs, and eating lunch. Grandma was so excited to have the opportunity to spend the day with him. Owen has an amazing Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Branstetter. He is very observant, holds the kids to high expectations and structure, quite goofy-really makes Owen laugh, and very communicative with the parents. He is great with Owen. Mike and I feel very blessed. Owen is really excelling.


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