Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 2008: New sizes and fabrics

Hi everyone,

Just one more week of our Family and Friends Promotion, check out my last post for details. You're gonna love it!!! Just wanted to show you some new photos of our SAVVY SNACKS. We now have 2 sizes - Large measures 10" x 12", roughly the same as a gallon bag - Medium is 8" x 10", a little larger than a quart sized bag. Here are our 4 fabric combinations so far - it was fun to name them too! I just got some organic cotton fabric too, so if you are interested just let me know. Thanks again for all of your support. POLKA DOT SQUARE is featured on Etsy's Main Showcase on Wed. Jul 30 and Sat. Aug 2 and on their Homemade Kids Showcase Fri. Aug 1. Come see us at or

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 2008: Savvy Snacks Kick-off

Hello family and friends,

What is about to follow is some shameful self promotion that you are going to thank me for:-) My sister and I are launching our new must-have product, SAVVY SNACKS. They are a stylish, reusable waterproof bag that you can use in a myriad of ways. Our favorite is for your diaper bag, no more sifting around the bottom of your "black hole" of a bag to find what you need. Carry all your kids crumbly and gooey snacks in one place that can be cleaned with a wipe of a damp cloth. No more wasteful ziploc bags! As Mike says, "Save money. Save the planet...Save your sanity. ONE BAG TO SAVE US ALL!"

Today my shop Polka Dot Square is featured on ("your place to buy and sell all things homemade") in their Handmade Kid's Showcase. View our new SAVVY SNACKS as well as my other fabulously fun products at

We are launching a Family & Friends Kick-off Promotion - You're gonna love this!!!

BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF OFF - Thats one for you and one for that baby shower you've got coming up.

INCLUDES all of POLKA DOT SQUARE inventory - aprons, tutus, Savvy Snacks, diaper and wipes keepers -
Buy one item, get on LIKE item half off: BUY AN APRON, GET ANOTHER APRON HALF OFF!

Heres how to purchase:

1. Visit our etsy shop

2. If you're already an Etsy member or want to register, click on "Contact polkadotsquare" located on the right hand column. If not you can email us at or make a comment on this post with a way to contact you.

3. Tell us what you want to purchase and mention the promotion code FAMFRIENDS001

4. You will soon receive an email from us on how to complete your order.

If you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you will receive 50% off an additional item! WOW!

Our Promotion will run from July 22 through August 4.
Comment or e-mail me if you have any further questions.


Keep checking back as our fabric selection will increase as well as the addition of matching diaper and wipes keeper. - Check out our poll to help name our product.

Thanks for allowing me this indulgence. We know that you will love your SAVVY SNACKS. I'm going to be famous one day and you'll be happy to know that you helped me right from the beginning:-) Love you all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

June 2008: Eyan makes us laugh

Eyan really is a riot. He makes us laugh all the time. And who can't help but smile at that crinkly nose smile and those darling dimples. Recently Mike took Eyan out on a one on one Father and Son outing to Baskin Robbins-we love ice cream in this family. Mike learned some things about monsters that he never knew before. According to Eyan, monsters' favorite foods are spiderwebs, ants, and computers. They live far away and travel to your house through the fireplace. Eyan also has to be the loudest boy of all time-that definitely comes from my side of the family. When he gets excited about something, usually most noticable in a public place, he "speaks" at the top of his lungs and often follows it up with a double fisted raise of arms accompanied by a "Yo hoo".

June 2008: We've got a climber

We are in big trouble, Tate is a climber just like his Grandmas was as a baby. No climbing to the top of the fridge for cookies yet, thanks a lot Mom. He finds whatever he can to weasel his little body on top of: the sofa, a toy car, boxes-we've got plenty of those, an upside down bucket, the slide, and his favorite-the stairs. He gets this cheesy little grin of complete joy when he's reached the top and sometimes even raises his little arms up for me to say "ta-dah". We've got to watch him like a hawk. Here is some "soft" brotherly play- not for the faint of heart- a mild form of King of the Mountain. He loves being right in the mix. *No children were harmed in the making of this post* Mike and I are in for some serious rough housing.

May 2008: Owen's got the moves

Owen had his musical debut at his Kindergarten recital. He really loves music and has great rhythm and a wonderful memory for lyrics like his Auntie Liz. Prior to this he had only us as an audience, a little Weezer, some Dashboard, and some of Mike's hair rock like Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. Redeeming for us as parents, his favorite song to sing right now is "Called to Serve", a church hymn about missionaries called to preach Christ's gospel. Owen and Eyan march around singing the anthem with the track on repeat. Back to the recital, the best part of the entire performance was actually Owen's dancing, not singing. He really caught me off guard with the way he moved his little body. He was by far the best dancer in his class:-). The lyrics were "wiggle like a wiggleworm, stand like a statue". Boy did his little legs wiggle. He was a crack up to watch. Since we don't have a video camera, yes you read correctly, Liz took some footage with her camera. I'm trying to get it from her so I can post it. Here are some other photos after the recital. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

May 2008: My little pirate turned 6

Wow, I have a 6 year old, that's quite awakening. My little Owen turned six, celebrating it, where else?, but at Disneyland. We had a wonderful day and had visits from lots of loving family members during the day and at dinner. Really I am so lucky to have such amazing family that really knows and loves my children. Uncle Bub was a big hit. Owen got to go on some "big kid" rides with him.

We also have officially become Disneyland geeks, that is said in such a loving way. I have been wanting to be one for awhile but of course it had to come from someone besides me for Mike to be convinced. I am talking about pin trading. It really is addictive, especially for a "collector" personality like me. Of course they are "for the kids". Mike works with such sweet people and 2 of them are REALLY into pin trading and bought O and E their own lanyard and told Mike all about it. It has continued from there. Mike just bought Tate a Darth Tater pin for his lanyard. I never knew how involved pin trading is at Disneyland. It really is fun to trade, of course I'm wearing Tate's since he can't do it himself:-)

And yes you did read that correctly, we did buy a catapult for Owen. We are parents living on the edge! Next post... Mike loses an eye.

May 2008: Sea World Field Trip

I went on my first field trip as an official chaperone with Owen to Sea World. It was so fun to be with him and his little buds. The 2 hour one way bus trip, not so much. The bus driver got lost, so tack on another 30 minutes. For those of you that find keeping the speed limit not a challenge you might have found serenity in the 55 mph bus trip, me I was calling out "serenity now!". I love the Kindergarten age, they really are sweet kids. Mom and the littler 2 boys joined us there. I enjoyed the Flamingo Parade and the graceful beluga whale. Owen's favorite was - surprise, surprise- the sting rays and sharks. We'll have to come again and spend more time at the park than on the bus.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

May 2008: 2nd Annual Family Memorial Day Games

Our family had a blast at our 2nd Annual Family Memorial Day Games. Definitely the adults had just as much fun or even more than the kids. I took photos of our partnerships at the beginning with their game faces on -some a little scarier than others for various reasons. (To see the real fun in all of the photos in this post, you've got to click on them to enlarge the facial expressions and subtle signs of cheating.)

Our game line up this year was as follows:

3 legged-race (adult-child partnership both faced forward, adult-adult partnership one faced forward, the other backward:-) ),

blanket relay (new this year),

trike slalom (my favorite to watch), and

the kids' favorite, the water balloon toss.

We are a fairly:-) competitive group and we love any chance for friendly competition. Awards of course were presented at the conclusion - best speed, accuracy, outfit:-), championship! etc.

There were so many highlights to this year's games-hilarious!

I've been laughing so hard looking at these photos, discovering more hilarious moments. Like Dad starting out the Trike Slalom with 2 shoes, then somehow one goes missing but still wins the race, Eyan's face is awesome. Mom starting the blanket relay with full speed as Owen's feet come shooting up in the air. Vanessa's not so subtle cheating with Jackson in the 3 legged race. I look forward to years to come of these games, hopefully our whole family will be able to join in next year.


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