Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 2008: 10 YEARS!!!

Michael and I have been married for 10 YEARS!!! Isn't that wonderful? It seems a little overwhelming to summarize 10 years of marriage in a post. What I will say is that it feels absolutely amazing to know how much I am loved by my husband. We just had a good laugh on how he thinks he could first, close his eyes, and then say or do anything, and be able to see in his mind exactly what my facial expression would be in reaction to what he did. He then proceeded to give me some examples which were pretty hilarious and indisputable as to how I would react. It was a little frustrating to know I was that predictable, but also to realize he truly does know me. I love him so much and thank my Heavenly Father for him daily.

For our anniversary we were able to get away to Solana Beach for 4 days while my Mom watched the kids. Despite both being sick, we had a wonderfully relaxing time together. It was really rejuvenating and allowed time for us to realize how much we enjoyed being together, just the two of us. Here are a few pictures. The first one is of us at our favorite restaurant, Pomodoro, a fresh Italian place in Laguna Beach. I always get the butternut squash ravioli- to die for. Its always frustrating for me to have someone else take our picture, the hostess was nice though. The second one is of us at Solana Beach, Cliffs more like it. I used my tripod this time. The sight was beautiful. I love the feel of the ocean air and the soothing sound of the ocean waves. I had to feel the water, despite the freezing temperatures. I love the water, I was never the girl on the shore, always the fish in the sea. I collected some shells and rocks for the boys.

We are very excited for our future! It sure is wide open with possibilities:-)
Here is our engagement photo I found in my Mom's house. Aren't we cute? This was taken in Aspen Grove, UT where we met.

January 2008: Fave Flashbacks and New Songs

Here are my fave flashbacks from the past few weeks. Sorry a little behind again, we're on our second round of the stomach flu - yippee! Hope you all are healthy. To good health and good beats!

Groove is in the Heart--- Deee-Lite

No Rain--- Blind Melon

Go West--- Pet Shop Boys

All in All--- Lifehouse

Linger--- The Cranberries

Here are some new faves:

Fresh Feelin'---The Eels
Found this gem off the new show Chuck, love it!!!


January 2008: Playing Together

I love it when my boys play all together. They really had fun with their tunnel and teepee chasing each other back and forth. Tate gets so excited to play with his older brothers.

January 2008: Photography Excitement

I am very lucky to have a friend who is a professional photographer. Those of you who visited our home in Herriman may have seen her work of our family photos at the beach. In November she let me come on an engagement photo shoot with her. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED being there. It was sooo much fun. You really got to feel apart of their lives and the excitement of their new life together. She really knows how to capture that on film. I hope that when life is a little more calm I can really study to do what she does. She let me take photos at the shoot right along side her. Last night I discovered that the couple choose one of my photos for their wedding invitation!!! Wow. What a boost.
Here is my favorite photo I took at the shoot. Isn't the lighting amazing! I saw the reflection of the sunset in the water as we were walking back and I had to capture it.

For Christmas my Mom gave me Photoshop Elements and my sister Liz and I put it to work quickly. Here is my first project! Liz and I were driving back from our Layton Family Christmas party and Liz took out her bobby-pinned bangs to reveal a very "rebel without a cause" look. Liz had asked me prior to help her create some art projects to spice up her dorm room. After seeing this original photo, we went straight to work. Quoting from my sister's blog: "We made it Pop Art... Its funny because people don't realize it's me and they just think its a cool poster. But the winner of the "Really You Think That?" Award goes to the Costco lady who thought that I painted my face and hair for every picture and just happened to get the same look and positioning. Ok, really? Who thinks that?"

I also was in charge of the invitations for my sister's baby shower, so I decidedly to learn how to make one on Photoshop. I think it turned out pretty cute. We did a little maternity photo shoot at my Mom's house and I loved how this photo turned out. I really didn't know how to pose her, she was very patient and anyone who knows Vanessa, knows she's a natural. She is soooo photogenic, she knows how to pose. The text, which was a matching pink, went in the center, but I just took it out to post it on the blog for privacy reasons- you know addresses and phone numbers, etc. I am excited to get better at this!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Day

Christmas Morning always has a new life with young children. I love feeling their anticipation and watching their excitement. Although at my Mom and Dad's, we still had our own little Christmas Morning, then was joined by my brother Luke's family. Later the rest of my family shared in the present opening.

I loved being all together on Christmas -- and in our Christmas pjs. I think we look pretty cute!

The boys received some great presents and really loved getting their packages in the mail from their Grammy and Grandpa and cousins in Utah. Grammy Johnson had all the cousins sign a card for them and had t-shirts made that say "Somebody in Utah Loves Me".

Owen loves things he can build with- legos, blocks, tinkertoys - and Eyan loves puzzles, cars, his scooter, and anything else Owen likes. Tate just loves anything he can climb on, put in his mouth, or that makes noise-particularly squeaks. Of course empty boxes and wrapping paper are always a hit!

Monday, January 07, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Eve - Take 2

The boys loved the "Instant Snow" at Uncle Mark's with cousin Victoria. It is the closest they will get to real snow this year. Its pretty cool - add water and watch it grow. Owen did a great job decorating his gingerbread men. I tried to help Eyan, but he mostly ate the icing and candy as we went. It was comical to watch.

Later the boys opened up their Christmas p.j.s from Grandma. They looked nice and cozy running around the house - literally. The excitement was building. Tate enjoyed his first Christmas Eve in his new p.j.s too.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Eve Morning

Yes, these are the photos of our Christmas Eve Morning. Owen and I were up all night with a toothache, on rotation with Tate and I being awake. Owen was kicked in the mouth at school and had been complaining off and on about his tooth which was turning grey, but nothing too dramatic. That night he cried and cried. Thankfully our doctor, a Hindu, was in her office on Christmas Eve Morning and we were able to get in, along with every other -flu suffering, bone snapped, can't wait til after Christmas- kid. Owen had a tooth infection. We hurried home after getting the prescription to try to make it to my Uncle Mark's house by noon for our Dix Family Christmas party.

As we were racing to get ready, Eyan escaped and began screaming at the top of the stairs. I ran and looked up to see his hands appear like plastic. At first I thought he had poured hot candle wax on them, but then realized he had found Super Glue in my Mom's room and had completely covered his hands in them and glued his sweater to one hand and on his pants. My Mom was out doing last minute shopping and had to stop and get acetone based nail polish remover as the tube explained was the only way to get it off skin - note to all parents!

I did my share of crying, wondering if anything could just run smoothly, but writing this I wonder how boring that might be (not to say it wouldn't be nice:-) ). We did eventually make it to my Uncle Mark's house, where everyone already knew our morning stories.

So here are the most attractive photos you will ever see posted of my older boys: Owen's infected grey tooth and Eyan's Super Glued-soaking-in-acetone-based-nail-polish-remover hands.


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