Friday, August 31, 2007

August 2007: Knock It Daddy Over

The boys favorite game to play is "Knock It Daddy Over" as Eyan named it. Basically it goes like this: start from across the room, run at Mike as fast as you can and jump on him in attempts to knock Daddy over. The funniest thing is watching Eyan run at Mike - he leads with his elbow. That kid is so solid. Mike literally goes "hoowah"(you know, the sound you make when you get the wind knocked out of you) when Eyan lands on him. Owen tries really hard, sometimes even starting to run outside the room. Here Mike is with Owen, Eyan, and their cousin Davis.

August 2007: Best Buddies

I love watching Owen and Eyan play. They love being together. Eyan adores his brother and is the ultimate copy cat. When they wrestle, its fun to see that Eyan can take Owen down. Right now we are having a hard time getting Eyan to stay in his own bed at night. Somehow he became scared of being in his own bed and pretty much falls asleep in Owen's bed every night.

August 2007: Tate wants to be big

Tate is such a cute baby. He is rolling over and wants to sit and stand up. If I hold him by the arms while he is standing and pull him towards me, he lifts his legs and walks. Its hilarious! My mom says that I was doing that from the day I was born. Not a good sign - I walked at 10 months. I borrowed my sister's "Bumbo" and he loves sitting in it.

July 2007: Ice Cream Smiles

I am definitely of the opinion that ice cream fixes about everything. I think my boys would agree. Here Owen and Eyan are with happy smiles- its all about the ice cream.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

July 2007: Baby Juliet is Born

My brother Lucas and his wife Kelli just had their second baby, Juliet Rose, the first granddaughter in the Dix family. Vanessa and I left our boys with our husbands and went down to visit our new little niece. She is very precious. She's going to have to be tough though, being surrounded by all these boys.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

July 2007: Favorite Images of July

Fourth of July. I love Eyan's groovy beach hat. You can't really tell in this photo, but there is about just as much sand as there are chips on his plate.

  • Fourth of July. The boys created their own little pool and were practicing kicking. I love the water splashing in this photo.

  • Canyon Hills Pool. Eyan loved jumping off the side of the pool to Grandma. "Again" was the favorite word of the day. There's that hat again.

Eyan loves wearing Owen's shoes. He walks around in them all the time. After he falls asleep at night I have to take them off.

Visit from G.G. We received a visit from great-grandma Layton. She loves holding Tate and has a special touch.

My 3 silly boys. Tate has definitely realized that he has 2 silly older brothers. He loves watching them. They can always make him smile. The boys seem to always want to be right next to Tate. We're working on personal space issues.

Time with Grandpa. I love that my Dad always makes time to hold Tate. He loves holding him and it makes me so happy. Tate loves it too.

Monday, August 27, 2007

July 2007: Tate's Blessing

The first Sunday in July, Michael blessed our little Tate. In our religion, children are not baptized until they are 8, but a special prayer is offered in which the one giving the blessing- usually the father-gives the baby his chosen name and pronounces special blessings upon the baby as directed by the Spirit of God. The words of the blessing that Michael gave were beautiful. Some of my favorite words of the blessing were "I bless you with a kind disposition, that you will feel love and kinship with your brothers; that you will be an example to them and learn from their good examples." It was a time of reflection and joy for our family. We were happy to have my Dad's brother Mark, sister Sherrie, and their families join us. The absense of all Mike's family was definitely felt though. Our family friend, Cheryl, was there once again to take photos of the occasion. I am grateful to her.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

June 2007: Favorite Images of June

Here are some favorite shots of our June: Tate at my cousin Shelise's house; Owen "pinky promise"ing with good friend Cheryl (also Owen's church Primary teacher); Eyan in his Newsies cap; Tate and I; Owen in his "watching TV" pose; Eyan on bike in cousin Davis' backyard; Luke in full leg cast (injury sustained during Church basketball) attempting to play volleyball


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