Saturday, June 22, 2013

memorial day games: some serious outside family fun

one of our family’s most talked about and anticipated events of the year is our

this year marked 7 years of this marvelous tradition 
something that parents and kids alike look forward to each year
click here and here for some early years of the games
how quickly our children grow

our games are played as individual and collective teams
but don’t think for one minute that this is just for fun
not in this family
there is a point system and score board to track each event
there are reputations to preserve, championships to protect, and a coveted trophy to win

outside family games
memorial day game players
memorial day family fun

fierce competition

score board

due to daddy’s health conditions and all that surrounded our family situation for the past couple of years, our games went undocumented here on the blog.  
i’d like to highlight briefly some of my favorite moments from each game over the past many years

outdoor family games
3 legged race
outdoor 3 legged race

outdoor family games
fierce family games
blanket run
outdoor activities for kids

outdoor activities for kidsobstacle course
street obstacle course

not even losing a shoe could slow grandpa down

hula hoop race
hula hoop game

without breaking hands
how quickly can you send your hula hoop around the circle

crowd squeezer
kids outdoor activities
blanket folding game

this simple game of balance and getting extremely squished
is quite fun to play and watch
see how many folds of your blanket you can get and still fit all of your teammates on top

well if you ever thought we might have been a normal family
you'll surely change your mind now
hose head has got to be the favorite of all the games
simple concept really
be the last man standing with your panty hose on your head, ha
each person is given a stocking with a sock inside the end
to put on their head
no where in the rules does it state that you must put it over your face
that just kind of happened
a. out of strategy so that it will remain on your head longer
b. everyone loves seeing each's other faces smashed inside them

object of the game is to run around and grab the hose off of someone else's head
winner is the last hose head standing
i didn't make this up, really
i found the game here
this has to be the most collision prone game of the bunch
last year poor Jani sprained her ankle in a fierce hose head battle
but it is certainly the most fun to play
and definitely the most entertaining to watch

hose head luke
hose head game
putting on the hose
dad wears the hose best
panty hose in action
grandma's going to get you

water balloon game
water balloon toss
water balloon handoffwater balloon toss
water balloon fight
dad wins the water fight

did i say water balloon toss
what i meant to say was water fight

winners of the games earn bragging rights for the year
and the coveted 'ta-dah' trophy
the name is a play on a little inside family lingo

we are the champions
memorial day games champs
the ta-dah trophy
we are the champions

i have been blessed to have the most amazing family
who loves to do things together
traditions are essential to a family culture
they are an important way to hold on to memories and continue to draw closer as a family unit

and what better way to celebrate the day of remembrance
than continuing on with something my daddy cherished
family time
family fun
and of course in our family we will raise the flag, and always remember

raising the American flag for Memorial Day


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