Sunday, February 01, 2015

walking in faith and fear

faith and fear

in my mind i think that knowing the end from the beginning is what i really want
because only seeing my journey a step at a time
means there is only so much information available for me to base a decision on
which leaves so much remaining space for the unknown

so what do i fill in that space of missing data
that unknown 
that is beyond this step i'm currently evaluating taking
will it be filled with 
fear or

now i've heard that where one exists the other can not 
but i'm telling you 
i choose faith
but i choose faith in spite of all the fear that is creeping in

i will take a step in faith 
with fear at my side
but i pray that with each next step i take
fear will trail further
and further

what has your experience been with faith and fear...
would love to hear from you


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