Sunday, August 20, 2006

July 2006: The Splash Pad

What an ingenious idea someone has had in creating the Splash Pad! Its a little water park for the kids with fountains, showers, geysers, tunnels of water, buckets full of water that spill over on you, etc. all on a spongy surface that kids can run on. They added this right next to an existing playground park in our neighborhood, and its a hit. Owen and Eyan just love it. We haven't gone yet where we didn't see someone we knew; its very popular. Jen and Jalen Johnson came with us one time and had a great time with boys. On the Fourth of July, no beach, so off to the Splash Pad with "Dad". Owen loved it, despite the fact that his Dad got his face wet. He's very funny about water on his face. The Splash Pad has been great for us this summer.


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