Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 2006: Owen loves preschool

Although Owen only began preschool in March, he really did improve in these past 3 months, mostly socially. On his report card his teacher wrote that Owen needed to interact with his peers but that he had grown a lot. I feel lucky that he was able to get even a few months in this year. Here he is at the Mother's Day program with his teacher, Ms. Laraine. We sure hope he will be in her class next year. Preschool is out, but summer camps are coming soon. Owen will be in them with his cousins Halle and Kylie.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 2006: The "Farm" with Grammy

Owen invited Grammy to go with us to his field trip to "the Farm" at Thanksgiving Point. He rode in the car with Grammy and talked her ear off. We saw lots of farm animals. Grammy grew up on a farm and thought it was funny how we had to go to a place like this nowadays to see these animals. We went on a wagon ride (and almost flew off), ate lunch, and then lil' buckaroo went on a pony ride. We all had a great time together.

May 2006: Owen's 1st T-ball Game

Owen looked so cute for his 1st t-ball game. He's #9 for the Rock "Pounds" (Hounds), as Owen calls them. T-ball is a fascinating game :-). Owen did great when he was directly involved, but running around, throwing grass, and having a grand old time with his cousin Brayden (he loves that helmet) managed to be a great portion of the "game".

April 2006: Vanessa's Shower

We drove down to California at the end of April to throw Vanessa and Jackson two baby showers. I think she really enjoyed them. It was great to see a lot of our family and friends. I sure miss them. Here I am with my sisters Liz and Ness, my Mom's family, and Owen (thanks for the photos contributed by my sister).

April 2006: California Adventure

We are still enjoying those wonderful Southern California Disneyland Passes until they expire. Its our favorite place to be. Owen was so happy to discover that he had grown taller since our last trip and was able to go on new rides, like the bumper cars (although he thought bumping into other cars was mean). We always have a great time with Grandma. Finally I'm on record as being a part of this adorable family :-)

April 2006: Celebrate Eyan's 1st Birthday in California

This cute little baby got a second celebration for his 1st birthday when we visited California for Auntie Nessa and Baby Jackson's shower. Grandma couldn't wait for the day to be able to feed Eyan sweets with my approval (I know she has been sneaking him treats). Eyan loves his Grandpa. They have a special way of communicating; its sounds an awful lot like an Ewok language.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

April 2006: Our little wiggle worm

Eyan is not particularly fond of getting dressed. It is quite the process, usually ending with him crawling away partially clothed. Mike was lucky this time. He is so snuggly when he's not wiggling out of your hands.

April 2006: Eyan's 1st Easter

We enjoyed a lovely Easter, just the Four of us. We watched an animated story of Jesus' Resurrection and Owen was fascinated. The Easter Bunny came as well. Eyan loved shaking the plastic eggs full of candy. Owen wanted us to hide the eggs over and over. We had just discovered Eyan's milk allergy, so he wasn't feeling up to putting on his new suit and coming to church, but Owen was. He looked so sharp. Of course he picked out this orange shirt. Mike made us this incredible feast for dinner, plenty of left-overs.

April 2006: Its a miracle

What you see here is an adorable 3 year old "playing" a guitar. What I see is little boy who has truly proven "they won't until they want to" true. Yes, you guessed it, he is finally wearing Superman underwear - all day. The first day of T-ball practice he decided that baseball players wore underwear and that was that. He chose a guitar for his whatever-he-wanted grand prize. He loves it. He really is a musical child. He loves his Kindermusik class and knows lots of the words to many classics, such as "We're not gonna 'ticket'", "Whoomp, there it is", "Beverly Hills", and "Way up high in the apple tree".

April 2006: T-ball Begins

It has begun...sports scheduling. Owen has started t-ball. He did very well at their first practice. He really showed interest, especially batting. Our little lefty- takes after his Dad. Owen is on a team with his cousins Kylie and Brayden. Here he is with his coach, a very patient man. Owen in orange once again.

April 2006: Mike turns 32 - Our Champion

The boys and I planned a fun birthday for Mike. He just wanted it to be us, so we planned a "Tournament of Champions" and made him a trophy from a knight figurine and a rock that read "Our Champion". The tournament started with miniature golf which was highly competitive until the end; Mike pulled ahead. Owen sure gave him a run for his money, though:-). I think I need to retake my golf class. We had a fun night and Mike raked in the presents, his favorite being his BBQ.

The boys and I had gone shopping the night before for some things and I told Owen not tell Mike anything about his presents. Owen came home and said to Mike, "Don't ask me anything about your presents, because I can't tell you." The next morning when we were all sitting at the table for breakfast Owen said, "When is Daddy going to open his BBQ?" He started to cry when he realized he had just ruined the surprise. He is such a sensitive little boy. Mike didn't mind, he went and bought himself some birthday presents at Barnes, grilling books.

March 2006: Eyan turns 1

Our Baby Sunshine turned 1 on March 29th. We celebrated it with his First Pancake Breakfast. They are a big deal in our family. Its Owen's favorite thing to do with Dad (since he's the chef in the family) and what better way to celebrate. I'll take pancakes to cake anyday. The Johnson Fam came over and celebrated with us. Owen and Eyan sure love being around sooo many cousins. Here Eyan is with his cousins Jessica and Jane (those Johnson genes are strong aren't they), and with Grammy and Grandpa. 

Later on we went to the Mayan Restaurant for dinner, a favorite of Owen's since he can watch the cliff divers. One of these days Eyan will get to choose what he wants. Here Eyan is after dinner in his cute hat trying to climb up the stairs, a new favorite.

March 2006: Owen starts preschool

My little Owen started preschool at Little Scholar Academy. We had a little bit of a rough start, but he loved it. His teacher, Ms. Laraine has been heaven-sent. Isn't he cute? Orange is his favorite color.


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