Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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hello there new friend! 
pleased to meet 'cha
i'm briana and welcome to my blog Sweet Dreams are Made of These.  i see life in a swirl of colors and ideas and do my best to create some sort of order.  to read about what swirling elements make up my family of 6 read here
for some divulged random facts about me click here or here including my mixtape for life
recently my hubby has joined me as a co-blogger and our goal is for this to be a joint space for us
get to know him here

this year
i have helped brand and launch an organization that breaths life into the soul of mothers
and opens their eyes to see that their journey
the one they are living right now
is worthy of inspiring others
so come inspire and be inspired at

through my own journey i have discovered my true passion
i love people
people are beautiful
you and you and you
and i want to celebrate you
i am all giddy inside just thinking about my next venture 
which will share that passion with you this year
watch for it
be a part of it

see more of what i've done this year as a party blogger contributor to 

and more of sharing our family's journey with hardships such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer

here i blog about: 
the dish on mommyhood for four young active children {3 busy boys and 1 'baby girl'}- family fun, specializing in mayhem
my creative outlet - the essential part that creativity plays in finding joy in each day 
see my growing list of diy/tutorials here

thanks for reading Sweet Dreams are Made of These
grab your favorite bunny slippers and stay for awhile...
i would love to hear from you.
your friend in this journey,

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