Friday, July 12, 2013

keys to marriage: a simple bridal shower game

keys to marriage a simple bridal shower game

upon initial thought there is nothing simple about marriage
and yet as we ponder on those things which make up a successful one
we will see that is the compact effect of simple, thoughtful things which build a marriage that will last
and who better to give those essential keys 
to a woman ready to embark on that blissfully rocky journey of marriage 
than those the bride-to-be loves and admires most
her friends and family

so here's a simple bridal shower game
to capitalize on the time you have that captive audience

a simple game
full of simple things
which just may combine to give her the key to marriage

key bridal shower ideas

metal keys - i found mine in the bargain section at Michael's
tags labeled with keys to marriage - such as communication, home management, finances, romance, and parenthood
blank tags - enough for each guest to have one for each key

keys to marriage bridal shower game

attach ribbon to the both blank and labeled tags 
tie one labeled tag around each key

key to marriage home managementkey to marriage romance

pass out the blank tags to your guests, each guest receiving the corresponding number of blank tags as the number of labeled keys to marriage - 5 keys = 5 blank tags for each guest
ask them to record their piece of advice for each topic: the key to romance, the key to communication, etc
tie on each guest's advice onto the corresponding key
collect all the keys and have the bride-to-be choose her favorite one from each key and read them aloud
she now has a collection of keys full of advice from those who know and love her best
a handful of keys to marriage
a long, loving, blissful marriage is sure to be headed her way

fun bridal shower game

keys to marriage fun bridal shower game idea

we played this simple game
at the delightful bridal tea of my darling cousin Natasha
whose dreamy wedding i featured earlier this week here
it was a hit among the bride-to-be and guests alike

bridal shower tea

getting married or know someone who is?
or planning on attending a special summer event yourself?
and check out other wedding inspired posts this week here
including my hubby's side of how we met

*bridal shower decor provided by petals and lace floral and event design


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