Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 2007: Some missed highlights

Here are a few photos from our hibernation months. Christmas 2006: my darling husband, cute boys, and me 6 months pregnant with our 3rd boy. My Superboys on Eyan's new bean bag he got for his new big boy room this month. I still can't believe he's in a bed now. He'll be 2 on the 29th. Valentine's Day 2007: My 2 little heartbreakers in their new t-shirts and testing out Eyan's new lightsaber to dual his bro. Mom would always give us Valentine's gifts, so I thought I'd carry on the tradition.


  1. oh my goodness! i was so excited to have a comment from you on my blog! And then the thought occured to me that it must mean I can check your blog and there will be new fun pictures! I WAS SO EXCITED! The boys hair is so dark now! They are so cute! We miss you all a ton. We hope that things calm down here with the pregnancy...and that there will be no more bumps or bruises in your path. Love you tons!

  2. Hey Ann - I am so excited your back!! I can't wait to see you guys soon! I miss your darling boys! love you!



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