Monday, September 10, 2007

August 2007: Announcement Arrival

I am blessed with 3 beautiful boys, each with their own distinct look and personality. I am also blessed to have a good friend who takes incredible pictures of them. My Mom's good friend, Cheryl, created this announcement for me and I am so happy to share it with you. I hope you will take the time to add a comment to one of the many entries so that I will know that you were here and can hear something from you. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pics Briana! Your boys are so precious! And I can't believe Owen is already in kindergarten! Love you, Des

  2. Hey Briana and Mike and boys! I love to keep up on what you guys are up to. These pictures are so adorable! I really miss you guys.. the boys are growing up so much! I love to be able to feel somewhat connected to you through your blog so thank you! Give everyone love from the LeGendre's! ~Karen

  3. I know this comment is a bit delayed, but I just now saw the baby announcement. LOVE IT! I am a fan of little feet pics! That is what I did for Enzo's too. Handsome boys you've got. Sorry I didn't get back to you about Marco's cell. Hope you enjoyed the game. Anywho, take care!

  4. I never really got to see your baby before you moved...he is such a handsome feller. The ward is missing you. There isn't quite so much happening without you around. We aren't exercising on Tuesdays anymore, and we miss it. I hope you are happy and doing well and soaking those boys in. It goes way too fast, doesn't it?
    Love Amy

  5. Briana...we got the beautiful announcement in the mail. It is so darling! Thank you for keeping us posted on your life. I love your blog and seeing your beautiful family. Payton talks about Owen all the time. It looks like you guys are doing great...I'd love to chat and catch up.



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