Saturday, May 17, 2008

March 2008: Don't Cha Wish Your Husband Was Hot Like Mine

I was reminded by an old "sample lady" at Costco this past week that I "should consider myself blessed" because I had a husband that was great at gift giving. I really am lucky. Mike is extremely thoughtful when it comes to making me happy! I realized that I hadn't talked about my actual birthday with Mike yet on the blog. That morning I was able to take my time to get ready for the day without worry of the kids. Once I was ready we left on our "trip". Whenever I go anywhere with Mike, rarely do I know the plan. He is so funny. He keeps the details to himself. I have just learned to try and go with the flow, something I am not good at but getting better at. I do love surprises! For reasons still unknown to me, except that it made me feel silly and he told me I had to post them on my blog, Mike brought me to the park and told me spin around down a hill like Maria on "The Sound of Music" while he took pictures of me.

We then drove on, all the time Mike trying to tell me things to keep me off the scent of where we were really going, a tactic he uses often. Towards the end of the drive he tells me that I am not allowed to make a fuss or say "Michael" in that tone or "we can't afford this", etc. Money was not to be discussed. We pulled up to the Guitar Center. I was in shock. I have always wanted to learn the guitar and had mentioned it on many occasions, but none recently. He had remembered. I was very giddy. We walked in and a sweet, long haired guy named Brady helped us pick out my guitar, yes MY guitar. He played a little for us per my request. I tried my hand at it and Mike laughed. Nice! I had never played before, just Guitar Hero, but thats just buttons. It was tough, a challenge. I was so happy as I walked out of the store with my own Fender.
On our drive to lunch, I got out of Mike, since we did not have money to spare, that he had been putting money aside to get this for me since Christmas. We did not get anything for each other for Christmas and I know that killed Mike. He wants to give me the world, what can I say, don't cha wish your husband was hot like mine, i guess is fitting. He had not eaten lunch for almost 3 months and had put that money aside for my birthday fund. His employees had been wondering why he hadn't been eatting. Wow, I couldn't believe it. Very humbled and loved, we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill. I love their Caesar Calzone, garden salad with the yummy house dressing and of course their bread with oil and balsamic!
On our way home, we needed to get back since Mom was watching the kids, Mike found a scenic spot and opened this envelope that he had been protecting the whole day. He first gave me a letter he had written to me, I'll spare you the details, except that it said, "I know that I can't give you the world like I want to, however, I have come up with some coupons that you can redeem in the future!" Enclosed were 30 coupons***for my use.
"***Coupons cannot be combined. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash. Cash value...Acceptance of coupons by issuer based upon financial means and stability. May take years for coupons to become effective. No purchase necessary. Void in Rhode Island and where prohibited. Must be 30 years old to be eligible to redeem."
Through the rest of the day Mike would give me 5 coupons at a time. I guess I want lots of things.
Listed in no particular order, my 30 things:
"This coupon good for...
*1 bag of Skittles *1 clothing shopping spree *1 Serger thingy
*1 date night per week *a gym membership *1 Cold Stone ice cream
*1 cool cell phone of your choice *1 trip to Utah to see your friends
*1 trip to Europe *a day at the spa *1 dinner & a movie
*1 membership to yoga studio *a home decorating shopping spree
*1 home of your dreams *guitar lessons *1 HD video camera
*1 top grade digital SLR *1 trip to Hong Kong *1 Apple computer
*1 embroidery machine *professional camera equipment *1 trip to see the Smiths
*a dozen roses, "there better be fresh flowers!" (from "The Man Who Knew Too Little")
*the latest greatest I-Pod *1 BYU football home game per year
*1 excellent jogging stroller *3 computer software programs
*my choice *my choice *my choice

That's pretty amazing. I just need to remind myself of the fine print! I'm one lucky girl, really I am. Happy birthday to me. Later my Mom took me shopping for some fun clothes and then I tried my hand at my guitar for Mike and the boys. Definitely going to need those lessons:-)


  1. You are so lucky to have a great husband! He told me yesterday "Briana is smokin Hot" . I am so glad that my sister is happily married and has a beautiful family! The picture of the boys with the head phones cracks me up!

  2. Aren't "hot" husbands the best!!

  3. what an awesome day, you are certainly blessed... I am that way about the piano, Bailey is learning the viola right now,so that is fun! You look like a natural on the guitar... I hate those Christmas' when we don't give each other gifts, it is hard!



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