Monday, June 23, 2008

May 2008: Cousins

My kids are very blessed, they have lots of cousins their age and have lived by one side of the family or the other their whole lives. Cousins are great! This time our trip to Disneyland was to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Here are all my Mom's grandbabies minus the actual baby, Savannah. My Mom doesn't have enough arms. I took a million photos in attempt to get a great one. Here is the best photo...and the worst (not including the ones where they were running around and climbing over the bench) , I thought that would be fun to show:-)

For all of those wondering what "delphinium"s are, here they are... so beautiful, unique, and I can't get over the gorgeous indigo color. Thank you California Adventure, they were all over.


  1. HA! those first 2 pics made me laugh! Davis was being so funny...a frustratingly good memory for me. (if that makes sense) I love all your pictures!

  2. The picture of your Mom with all the grandkids makes me laugh every time I look at it. So cute! ~love, des



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