Tuesday, February 16, 2010

January 2010: My Baby Turns Big Boy

My baby boy became a big boy overnight. He has been sooo anxious for dad to put his "big boy bed" together. He has long been able to climb out of the crib and with baby girl Johnson coming soon, it was time to put him in a bed. Gratefully since he has been so excited to sleep in this bed, he has actually slept in it. The next transition is putting him in with the boys. Mike thinks it will be fine, all 3 boys in one room, and I'm going to go along with it. We have an extra bedroom downstairs, which now houses all my sewing and craft things as well as our computer, but Mike and I, as well as Owen, are not excited about the idea of him being downstairs by himself.

I love this photo of Tate. It says so much about his little personality.
  • The joy on his face-shows how excited he is to be a "big boy" and like his older "brudders" as he calls them.
  • His monkey- he loves that thing, a present from Grandma. We need to put a locater on it because there's no going to sleep without him. "Where's monkey?" is commonly heard called out around our house at bedtime.
  • His hat- my Nana, my great-grandmother of 95, knitted that hat for him and he wears it all the time. He's 2 and he knows what he wants to wear and he's going to wear it:-)
  • His "super-soft" blankie- he is sooo particular about what blanket(s) he sleeps with and what order they have to be in on top of him. They have to be "super-soft" or they don't make the cut.
He is a hilarious little boy. He holds conversations with us and his toys that just crack you up. You forget that he's only 2.


  1. Personally...(hehe) I think you're doing the right thing keeping the boys together. It's good for them to share a room through their childhood. And Briana, you'll never regret keeping the sewing the downstairs room as your sewing/crafts room. It will help keep order in the house and we all know how difficult that can be with little boys!!

  2. It is going to be great! I bet they are in heaven being all together!

  3. We have all 3 girls in one room... and it seems to be working. We originally kept one in the other bedroom, until we learned that they WANTED to be together. Sweet. :) Just be sure that they are tired when you put them to bed, and expect some craziness the first few nights. :)

  4. I don't even know your Tate, but he is so stinking adorable! Love him.



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