Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 2010: Heavenly Hands

I needed to break my chronological posts to express my gratitude. Thank you Heidi for commenting on my last post reminding me that "The Lord knows my needs." Boy does he ever:-).

Last night marked Day 2 of Mike's 2 Week Training away as well as Day 2 of my battle with the stomach flu. Yes, can you believe it at 39 weeks I have the stomach flu! My poor little Owen passed it on to me. Well I had tried all day to hold in my inevitable meltdown but after yelling and screaming to get the boys to go to bed because I felt absolutely lousy, it came. A shoulder heaving, sobbing cry accompanied by a pleading kneeling prayer. I felt so alone and so angry at myself for allowing all these overwhelming circumstances turn me into a scary, cranky mom. Not long after my prayer explaining my frustrations and asking for help, things began to happen:

Heavenly Hands

A friend called just to check on me out of the blue - this got me through the evening

More Heavenly Hands in my life the following day

A ride for Owen to school
A ride for Eyan to school
A volunteer to come clean my house, do my laundry
A call to watch Tate
A text to watch Tate
A ride home for Eyan and a place for him to go play
A ride home for Owen
All three boys brought out for a treat
A dinner brought
An unexpected 2nd dinner of chicken noodle soup, perfect for my tummy
Calls of concern
Texts of concern
Prayers of concern

I was so amazed at how Heavenly Father has taken care of me through the love and service of those around me. Why am I ever amazed? Does he ever fail me? Never. This is just one day amongst so many that I have felt the love of my Father through the Heavenly Hands of those who have served me. Thank you all so much.

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  1. I'm glad you have had experiences to validate what you already know...that Heavenly Father knows your name!



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