Monday, April 12, 2010

March 2010: My Little Rockstar

Here's one of my little rockstars, Tate, singing "Eye of the Tiger" at his Auntie Nessa's house while I was in the hospital with Felicity. She sent this to me on my phone. Hilarious! Ok, so they've heard that song a few times:-). Read my "Current State of Mind" for today's adventure with Tate.

Current State of Mind

April 12, 2010
Had to take Tate to Dr.'s this morning with the baby of course. Got all 4 kids dressed, fed ( mind you, we all ate plain frozen waffles), school lunches made (comprised of go-gurts, carrot chips, and Doritos :-) ), and in the car in 50 minutes. Come to find out, Tate has asthmatic bronchitis. The Dr. smiled at me as she handed me the prescription, "This might make him hyper." Great just what I need:-)


  1. I read your state of mind... yikes!

  2. Tate's ready for EHS already! :-)

  3. wow, 50 minutes! i for sure wouldn't have bothered dressing anyone not going to school. i bet your boys are loving lunches these days!



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