Saturday, March 05, 2011

March 2011: Our New Family Photos

We are so happy to have new family photos including little Miss Felicity.  We had a fun time taking these, despite the kids running and climbing in every which direction.  This location was a little boy's heaven.  I vowed not to stress out and to just go with the flow.  I think I did a pretty good job!  As I am sure it is with most husbands, family photos are not Mike's favorite thing to do...but he knows how much it means to me, so he goes along with it.  Cheerfully and with humor, I might add.

Mike's stipulation this year was that we had to stay close by, so I did some investigative work on a dirt road behind our neighborhood and found this gorgeous little spot.  {I didn't mention to Mike prior to the shoot that we'd be taking our all-terrain van off roading a smidge- he's very cautious with the van, even more so than I.}  I just loved the green and the rocks and trees and moss!!  I knew this was the spot.  Mike showed some of our photos to some of his employees at work.  One of them said, "Where do you guys live...Narnia?"  Owen liked that.

So here they are, just a few of our Narnia Family Photos.   Love them!!!

Well once again Cheryl has done it.  You can contact her through her website here at Cheryl's Classic Photos.  Thank you so much for your patience Cheryl.  And to Mom's extra pair of hands and great attention-grabber voice for Felicity!

Please take my little poll at the top of the right hand column to help me decide on which of our family photos I should enlarge as the dominant one on my mantel!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! Briana these photos are amazing! I can't believe how big the boys AND Felicity are getting. Adorable! Cheryl does incredible work. I want to have family photos with her this fall. look more like your gorgeous mother every day!!

  2. These are TOO cute. Loving the pictures, your family is truly adorable. I need to lose this baby weight (once I have the baby) (hehe) And take some cute pics of my family too. You have inspired me...You look great!!! Missing you guys!

  3. Your family is gorgeous! Wow-how do you choose one? I love love love the one with you and Mike kissing under the umbrella! But they are all ah-MAY-zing! I love Owen's solo shot- it's kind of a shout out to Newsies :) I want one so our kids can remember our family in California! (seriously, you could all be models)

  4. I had to pick the umbrella - cuz the kids faces are just too adorable and close up. Although the tree picture looks like a piece of art. Hard choice.

  5. What a beautiful family you have, Briana. I love, love, LOVE the one with you and your hubby with you looking back at the camera. Gorgeous.

  6. these are so good! YEAH! Cheryl is so great! I love the outfits you chose! Way to put it all together! I love it! I love them all!

  7. what a beautiful family...and seriously we lived in the same house...I never saw a place that beatiful...nice job finding it :)

  8. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! So beautiful!

  9. Oh my Briana these shots are truley heavenly! This is exactly what a "forever family" looks like :) I have to agree with Marcie the umbrella picture should
    be a focal shot. What a PERFECT example for your children to see to remind them that Mommy and Daddy LOVE each other! It will instill in the boys to look for a companion that adores them like their Mother does their Father. Felecity will desire to find a worthy man just like her Daddy that honors and treats her like a queen as this shots shows so much tenderness. These are qualities missing in this world in which we live. I do have to admit the one of just the three of you with Felecity with the sun light breaking through is A M A Z I N G !
    Hugs to all of you darling Johnson family xoxox



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