Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 2007: Tate's 1st Beach Trip

My first outing as a mother of 3 was to the beach of course. I drove down to my brother Luke & wife Kelli's darling new beach home in Cardiff. We walked down to the beach with all our stuff and the boys had a great time with their cousin Davis. I had a couple of points of near breakdown, but with Luke & Kelli's help, catastrophe was avoided. The soothing sounds of the waves, sweet smell and gentle breeze of the ocean was great therapy for a tattered new mom of 3. Tate slept most of the time, but sand still managed to dot him and his carseat. If you ask Eyan about the beach he will tell you "ocean cold", yes the water was a little chilly but it felt great. Outing #1 a success overall.


  1. That was such a fun day. You did so well! So glad you came out!

  2. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well! Everytime we go on a walk Kate says, "There is Brianna & Mike's old house." Then she follows it with, "Why did they have to move to California?" We miss you.



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