Monday, January 07, 2008

December 2007: Christmas Eve - Take 2

The boys loved the "Instant Snow" at Uncle Mark's with cousin Victoria. It is the closest they will get to real snow this year. Its pretty cool - add water and watch it grow. Owen did a great job decorating his gingerbread men. I tried to help Eyan, but he mostly ate the icing and candy as we went. It was comical to watch.

Later the boys opened up their Christmas p.j.s from Grandma. They looked nice and cozy running around the house - literally. The excitement was building. Tate enjoyed his first Christmas Eve in his new p.j.s too.


  1. Such cute pictures, who took those , they've got talent ! Adorable boys, beautiful mom , as usual !

  2. I don't recognize you with long always look beautiful!

  3. cute pics briana! christmas was great! Very meaningful! How did eyan react to his shopping cart?

  4. You are one lucky mama! Your boys are gorgeous and so are you. Happy New Year. Just wanted to let you know my blog address changed because I can't get into my old account. It is now
    Love, Carol



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