Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 2008: Photography Excitement

I am very lucky to have a friend who is a professional photographer. Those of you who visited our home in Herriman may have seen her work of our family photos at the beach. In November she let me come on an engagement photo shoot with her. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED being there. It was sooo much fun. You really got to feel apart of their lives and the excitement of their new life together. She really knows how to capture that on film. I hope that when life is a little more calm I can really study to do what she does. She let me take photos at the shoot right along side her. Last night I discovered that the couple choose one of my photos for their wedding invitation!!! Wow. What a boost.
Here is my favorite photo I took at the shoot. Isn't the lighting amazing! I saw the reflection of the sunset in the water as we were walking back and I had to capture it.

For Christmas my Mom gave me Photoshop Elements and my sister Liz and I put it to work quickly. Here is my first project! Liz and I were driving back from our Layton Family Christmas party and Liz took out her bobby-pinned bangs to reveal a very "rebel without a cause" look. Liz had asked me prior to help her create some art projects to spice up her dorm room. After seeing this original photo, we went straight to work. Quoting from my sister's blog: "We made it Pop Art... Its funny because people don't realize it's me and they just think its a cool poster. But the winner of the "Really You Think That?" Award goes to the Costco lady who thought that I painted my face and hair for every picture and just happened to get the same look and positioning. Ok, really? Who thinks that?"

I also was in charge of the invitations for my sister's baby shower, so I decidedly to learn how to make one on Photoshop. I think it turned out pretty cute. We did a little maternity photo shoot at my Mom's house and I loved how this photo turned out. I really didn't know how to pose her, she was very patient and anyone who knows Vanessa, knows she's a natural. She is soooo photogenic, she knows how to pose. The text, which was a matching pink, went in the center, but I just took it out to post it on the blog for privacy reasons- you know addresses and phone numbers, etc. I am excited to get better at this!!

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  1. Ann those beach pictures are incredible!!! You're such a great photographer!!! You're also getting to be a pro at Photoshop. Always remember your first project though. Costco lady rocks! Love you!



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