Wednesday, October 01, 2008

August 2008: Family Photos at Balboa Park

Once again we have been blessed to have our photos taken all together by our good family friend Cheryl of Cheryl's Classic Photos . This time we went down to Balboa Park in San Diego. Here are just a few of my favorites:


  1. Beautiful pics! Girl, you are one hot mommy! :) Hugs from South TX....Bethany

  2. What a gorgeous family. I love you all!

  3. Hey Briana! I've been thinking about you and then found your blog. You look absolutely stunning and your family is beautiful. I enjoyed looking at your blog. :) I miss you!

  4. Hi Briana, I don't know if you remember us, we were in the Maple Ward with you and Mike up in victorville. I found your blog from Kandice's page, and thought I would say hi! Your kids are gorgeous by the way!

  5. Looking forward to an update. I miss you all, we need to get together soon.

  6. Brianna- I was so excited to find your blog. You have such a beautiful family. I am so glad you are happy. If you want to check out my life, my blog is
    Love, Kate Ishii Strongin



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