Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dreamy mistletoe partner 2012

it has been a treat for me to watch the line graph in my stats report erupt this month with some sizable seismographic activity
oh the power of Pinterest
my little Holiday Family Feud Game from last year has reached 69,500+ views with 900 new views today
that is mind boggling to me

welcome to Sweet Dreams are Made of These, all you Pinterest lovers

thank you everyone for stopping by
pull up a chair, stay a spell
and come back soon

as i have been thinking about the universality of classic games like Family Feud
i have been envisioning families and friends around the world gathering in homes, dorms, churches,
all playing 'the feud'
alliances being formed
rivalries heating up
men vs women games destined for newly exiled sofa sleeping occupants
voices crying out,
'good answer, good answer'
'awww that's what i was going to say'
or in the infamous words of my sister, 'this game is a sham'
all in the name of triumph and victory
all apart of that cheery and bright holiday spirit

thoughts also came of the short shelf-life of some celebrity crushes {and marriages for that matter}
those who were once our dream mistletoe date
have been tossed aside to make room for the latest pair of lips

i thought it would be fun to see the differences in responses to #10
this year

so please add your current dream mistletoe date below.
would love to know if your answer has changed from last year or remained the same
{those of you who put your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, awwww... i'm sure you scored points but you don't count}
i, for one, have held onto mine
well, not literally, but he's still just as dreamy now as last year
neal caffrey... matt bomer

so please confess comment away...

**to see the complete set of answers for all of the Holiday Family Feud Questions click here

{sidenote: my mother, the grammar guru, pointed out that i have made a significant error in ending my 'question' with 'with'.  sorry mom, if correct grammar is what you're looking for, you have come to the wrong site:)  thanks for helping to put me through college though.}


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