Thursday, February 09, 2012

Christmas Eve: A day of traditions- Polar Express, Devotional, and Family Feud Game Night

The First Gift of Christmas...
matching pjs for the grandkids from grandma and grandpa.

they look forward to them each and every year.
our family traditions on Christmas Eve begin with their unwrapping and a scramble to get them on everyone.

to grandma's stairs they all go...
for that sound...
the sound of a train whistle...
the Polar Express has arrived.

adorned in Christmas pjs, topped with warm jackets and hats
they anxiously race outside for their turn for their magical ticket and
admittance on the train from the conductor.

hot chocolate in special mugs and
yummy Christmas cookies fill their tummies once aboard.

in years past we have had a special trailer attached to this bright Christmas red truck...
but Santa needed it for something else this year, so into the back they went.
the Polar Express adorned with candy cane stripped ribbon, Christmas garlands, and sparkling smiles off we rode into the night air {cautiously of course}

these 10 jubilant faces beaming with Christmas cheer.
{1 little face was missing...our little Abigail}

wrapped in blankets and snuggled up tight amidst cousins, aunts, and uncles, and grandma.
the magic of the ride surged with the sounds of train whistle announcing departure and children singing, "When Christmas Comes to Town"

we stopped at the North Pole Express Station conveniently located in our neighborhood.
Santa was there to greet us with a jolly "Ho Ho Ho"
with his special helper presenting Christmas bells and candy canes.
at the conclusion of our Polar Express trip
Aunt Kelli presented us all with a very special devotional about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ
busy little bodies sat still just long enough to soak in the true Spirit of that night.
baby Jesus lay quietly in his cozy bed made soft through straw compiled through gifts of service done according to our family tradition, "the Last Straw"

off to bed the little ones were taken
leaving the adults to gear up for our next Christmas Eve tradition, game night.
this year, with many of your help, i compiled a Holiday Edition Family Feud game.
men vs women were selected as the teams.
serious mayhem and laughter ensued as the top answers were put on the board and revealed.
as it always comes, fierce competition arrived with an occasional, 'this is a sham' or 'this game is rigged' comment thrown out.

i never laugh so hard as when i am with my family.
you know the kind that produces tears, bellyaching, and stops you from breathing.
the best kind.
i am one blessed gal to be surrounded by such amazing people right here within my own family.
{Jesse and Jani, we missed you terribly!}

i am truly grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father for giving me such exemplary examples of love, service, and faith.
hope your Christmas was just as blessed!


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