Thursday, December 25, 2008

October 2008: Disneyland with Johnson Cousins

Mike was able to take off work so that we could spend 2 days with all his family who came down from Utah to go to Disneyland-his Mom & Dad and all of his brothers and their families. We had a great time and it was so much fun to see friendships renewed and made between the cousins. I don't think you could get a word in with Owen and Halle or could have separated Eyan from Jessie. Having a large family definitely has its advantages! Grammy & Grandpa had fun with the boys and even watched them so Mike & I could hit some rides too. Gail & I both love the swings and had a great idea to ride back to back, wow talk about headspin, I thought we both might black out. I think one of my favorite images was all the cousins on the carasol together- Johnson cousins as far as the eye could see:-)


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