Friday, May 29, 2009

May 2009: Eyan's New Favorite Song - Love Story meets Viva la Vida

My little Eyan loves music! He has a real ear and a great mind for memorizing. He is able to sing all kinds of songs even after only hearing them once. When he is not singing, he is humming. Humming playing legos, humming doing puzzles, humming...humming...humming. He doesn't even realize he's doing it. A little girl sang Taylor Swift's "Love Story" at our church's talent show and he has loved hearing it ever since. When we were forwarded this beautiful piano and cello duet arranged by LDS artist Jon Schmidt entitled "Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva la Vida (Coldplay)" he found his favorite new song. We have watched it over and over. He told me he likes the "jello" guy:-) He also asks me each time we watch it what the doggie's name is, so I told him I would ask. If we hear back from Jon Schmidt we'll let you know what it is. I looked on Jon Schmidt's website and it takes you to a link that shows that this video is the 12th ranked video on YouTube, right below Twilight, Eminem, and Kanye West. Pretty awesome! Good for him.
Eyan would like to share this video with you to enjoy.
P.S. Make sure to pause my Playlist in order to enjoy the video!
P.P.S. A lot of the screen is cut off so if you want to see the whole picture visit the YouTube video here!


  1. Yay for country music! I love Taylor Swift too!! I knew you'd learn to love it :)

  2. Boy did I know that was coming Vanessa! Let me clarify that a piano and cello duet of an arrangement of a pop song sung by a country artist mixed with an alternative song does not qualify as me liking country music. Just to clarify!!!

  3. The last comment was from me, Briana. For some reason it says "Brianne" instead of "Brianne-zam", which for anyone interested, is the name given to me by the Salt Lake City library:-)



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