Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 2009: Its Official: I'm old!

Ok so maybe I've thought this in the past, but this time...Its official, I'm old!...and I hate my maternity clothes.

Prologue: The year was 2002 and I was working in an office pregnant with Owen my first little baby. The fashion of the day for maternity clothes- tent-like and flowing. Of course since then I have had 3 more pregnancies and have tried to update my maternity wardrobe on a limited budget. Thankfully maternity clothes have come a long way, but are still pretty pricey. Past pregnancies I've actually loved maternity clothes knowing that elastic waistbands were comfortable and perfectly acceptable. This time I'm really struggling.
I have my maternity clothes separated in my closet in 4 sections:
1. Only to be worn around the house
2. Only if I have to
3. Gonna have to make it work and
4. Love these. Lets say my "Love these" section is very slim, I have been wearing the same few shirts and new jeans my mom graciously bought me this pregnancy.

So yesterday I went to my closet and sat there looking at my "wardrobe". Unfortunately I had worn the only warm shirts in my "Love these" section 2 days in a row and needed to chose something from the "Gonna have to make it work" section. Well I tried. I added a fun black vest with silver buttons from Forever 21 (oh how we wish) and a long silver and black necklace with some grey pants to a wrap-around long, semi-puffy sleeved red dress shirt that ties in the back. I was going to be hitting a few of my neighbors' doors to invite them to an activity with the local Mom's group I have joined.

Door #1.
The girl across the street is very sweet, probably in her early early 20s and has just had her first baby. She has decided to be a stay at home mom and is transitioning from working to being at home full-time. I thought she might enjoy trying out a mom's group. Well I gave her my invitation I made, told her about the group, and the activity. I told her that I had joined this group and was glad that I did and thought she might want to try it out. She then proceeds to ask me, "Is this a group with lots of moms in their 40s?" I have to say I was really taken aback. I paused for longer than was probably customary, and stumbled some words out about how there were moms ranging in ages. I left feeling very old indeed, half wanting to laugh and the other half wanting to cry, and definitely wanting to rip my maternity shirt into shreads.
So that's it, its official, I'm old. I must look it. I never thought it would arrive, but I guess it has.


  1. oh paleeese! if you're old...i'm super duper old! oh wait..i am. tee hee hee but you are not...nor do you look it! xoxo

  2. old,'re a youngster!plus I am sure you looked fab u lous in your outfit!

  3. This realization hit me this week, too, and I'm not nearly as hip as you are! My 23-year-old brother got engaged, and after meeting me, his 19-year-old fiance privately told my brother, "Man, she's OLD! She's got FOUR kids!!" That did wonders for my self-esteem, lemme tell ya.

  4. You're still a spring chicken, Briana! She probably thought the 40-somethings send young things like you out to give out their invitations since they're too old to do it themselves.

  5. You just made me laugh out loud! Why didn't you tell me this story. Plus I thought you "made it work" quite well! Luckily you are more than halfway there! And you are too cute for words and not in an old lady kind of way.

  6. So funny how it's all so my profession I'm perceived as very young, so my anxiety is sometimes about the opposite end of the stick! How to make sure I look "old enough" :)

  7. That was a pretty funny story! I am finding that I too hate maternity clothes especially since I have to trudge off to work about 5 nights a week and actually look like a made an effort!

  8. your so not old... and its better than the crazy mom answering her door in her hubbies PJS.... and naked children running everywhere!!!

    that lady is crazy..... :)

    love your blog, hubs and I are huge fans of Joshua Radin and saw him perform that song with Ingrid Mikealson last Feb.. it was beyond words perfect... !



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