Friday, May 07, 2010

May 2010: the little things

not me:-) but it could easily be my mom in her new convertible

it has been the little things that have kept me going these past few months, especially the past few weeks.

i was laughing at myself the other day after catching myself audibly thanking Heavenly Father for the garage door closing the first time i pressed the remote button as we were racing off somewhere already late i'm sure. our garage door is ridiculously selective on when it wants to open or close. my attempts at getting it to cooperate are usually accompanied by an, "oh, come on" or "seriously!!!" as i frantically point the remote in every possible direction upwards of 15 times in rapid succession. so of course you can see why i attributed the garage's decision to acquiesce the first time, as divine intervention to save the last nerve of a very frazzled new mom of 4.
i decided that i need to keep a list of all those little things, to help me remember to be grateful for my life a little more often. i'm going to put my list in my sidebar and add more as they emerge as a new little blessing and/or essential in my life. here are the first few:

1. garage door opening on first attempt
2. a shower
3. my morning walk/jog


  1. My garage door is cursed, too! I also have a hard time with those paper towel dispensers that you have to wave frantically in front of for the paper towel to come the time I finally get a towel. I have entertained everyone in there with my interpretive dance. I have even had to use both hands and arms. I feel like one of those belly dancer/snake charmers.:)

  2. janae i love you. you know how to make me laugh. i can just picture this. they are a pain! you're dilligent though, i just give up and use my pants:-)

  3. I completely understand the garage door predicament!! Mine loves to toy with my emotions. Love the idea of listing blessings in the sidebar-I may need to steal that!:)



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