Monday, August 05, 2013

it takes a village

backyard thank you dinner

this backyard has fed hundreds of people over the past four years
food being their love language
my dear friend leslie and her sweet worker bee husband nick
have a revolving door at their home
they have created something i dream of having
a home where you are drawn to just sit and linger and chat and laugh
a home where you know you are welcome and you just want to stay and come back again and again

it takes a village

yesterday we were invited to join them for a night of being fed in every way
good company
good sights
good food
good music
good for the soul indeed
for we were apart of their village

wooden utensils
orange and avocado salad

leslie and i have been friends since i knocked on her door and she answered in her hubby's sweats holding a faceless but newly sewn black apple doll
{that doll has never been graced with a face}
we were instantly friends
that just happens with some people
we have shared our life together
the joyous bits 
and the down right icky bits
i feel privileged to be counted among her village
those people who have been by her side this past year
as she and her incredible family have traveled on the journey of foster care
if you have ever wondered if that could be the path for you
i would encourage you to read her beautiful blog
she holds nothing back
sharing the heartfuls as well as the heartbreaks

leslie autumn from my happily ever after and me

it was a magical evening
spent with beautiful people
the kind that make you want to be better
live a more generous life giving

we were delighted by the soothingly cool voice of nick's cousin daniel
i'd love to see his name in lights one day

pallet backdrop for stage
backyard lights
the dynamic duo
backyard dinner party
backyard dinner party with serenade
army of valiant women

i feel honored to be among this army of valiant women
bearers of burdens
and lifters of spirits
collective souls all apart of this village


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